Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 391: Xiao Bai Struck Back (1)

The Xiao Family.

In the courtyard, Yun Luofeng looked down at Lin Yue who was badly battered and all black and blue, an icy light flickering across her eyes.

"I will make you pay for every bad deed you did to Yun Xiao in those days."

Trembling all over, Lin Yue bit her lip tightly and glared at Yun Luofeng, her sinister and malicious eyes as sharp as a poisoned dagger.

"Yun Xiao, let's go."

No longer looking at her, Yun Luofeng slowly took back her eyes and went to Yun Xiao, a charming smile appearing on her gorgeous face. Her clear and bright eyes were like stars in the night, and nobody could resist her gaze. The man nodded his head silently, his face expressionless and cold.

Just as Yun Luofeng came to the door, she suddenly remembered something and stopped. "Yun Xiao, I finally remembered what I forgot... "

Yun Xiao's eyes fell on the girl and he asked, "What?"

"Xiao Bai!" Yun Luofeng smiled, "I forgot that girl... "

She felt uneasy just now as she thought she seemed to have forgotten something, and now she finally remembered that she had forgotten the little girl - Lin Ruobai. She could imagine how that little girl would feel aggrieved at being forgotten...

In the hall, hearing the report of the servant, Xiao Lin rushed out. As soon as he walked out, he saw an old man and a little girl standing in the yard. The old man in a navy robe was majestic looking, his snow-white beard fluttering in the wind. Although he was old, he still looked quite vigorous like a treasured sword. Beside him, there stood an adorable girl dressed in white. This girl kept looking around with her big eyes as if she was looking for something.

"Haha, Master Wei, why have you come here?"

Xiao Lin laughed and greeted the two. He looked curiously at the white-dressed girl standing beside the old man. After all, he had never seen the little girl in the Wei Family.

"Master Xiao," Wei Lianye smiled, "this girl is one of my relatives. She came here to find her master."

Lin Ruobai's identity was very special, and Xiao Lin was not qualified to know her true identity with his current status, so he introduced her as one of his relatives.

"Oh?" A surprised look flickered through Xiao Lin's eyes, "May I ask who is the little girl's master..."

Before Lin Ruobai answered him, Wei Lianye said with a smile, "You should ask this question to your grandson Yuqing. Her master had gone with Xiao Yuqing, so maybe only Xiao Yuqing knows the whereabouts of her master."

"Yuqing? Is her master Ling Yao?"

Xiao Lin was surprised because only Ling Yao always followed Yuqing. He didn't expect that the Ling Family had connected with the Wei Family! In this way, the three main powers of Sifang City were fully integrated!

"Ling Yao?" Lin Ruobai curled her lips and said with disdain, "How can that worthless woman become my master? My dad's taste is not so bad as to make such a rotten woman my master!"

Although Lin Ruobai had lived in seclusion for a long time, she grew up in that environment, so how could she not be aware of the intrigues?

Thus, she intentionally revealed this message, to let Wei Lianye know that the identity of her master, who her father had chosen for her, was quite noble!

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