Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 390: He Was the Man Behind Her (5)

Yun Luofeng slightly raised her eyes and looked down at the coquettish woman sitting on the ground. "If he could give up Yun Xiao's mother before, he can give you up now as well!"

Lin Yue grunted and closed her eyes, her pale face gradually turning desperate...

"Don't worry. I won't let you die so soon, "Yun Luofeng approached Lin Yue, with a faint smile hovering on her lips," because it's not yet the right time for you to die."

Nobody could kill this woman but Yun Xiao. Now she was just venting the anger in her heart!


Sifang City was led by three Families. They were the Xiao Family, the Ling Family, and the Wei Family. The three Families were not only powerful in Sifang City but were also important in the entire Spirit Domain.

At the moment, in the first of the three Families, Wei Lianye, the master of the Wei Family, rushed out of the hall. Soon he saw a lovely girl standing in the courtyard and quickly walked to her. The girl was surrounded by a group of guards who were groaning and rolling on the ground. Obviously, they were seriously injured.

"Oh, my little Miss, why have you come here?" Wei Lianye walked to the cute girl and then gave a black look to the guards rolling on the ground. "Are you b*stards blind? How could you offend the little Miss?"

The guards felt they were really unlucky, for they didn't expect that the little girl would know the master. Also, it seemed that the master dreaded her...

Wei Lianye smiled and said in an ingratiating tone, "My little Miss, come on in and take a seat. Does your father know that you've come here?"

Lin Ruobai tugged at Wei Lianye's beard and wrapped it around her fingertips. "Lao Wei, the Sifang City is too big. I've asked a lot of people, but I still can't find the place where I want to go. Come on, take me to find my master now."

"Your master?"

Wei Lianye was stunned and blinked. Had the little miss got a master? Who was so capable and became this little miss's master?

Lin Ruobai blinked her big bright eyes and said with a smile, "Yes, valuing boyfriend over disciple, my master forgot me! I guess she hasn't found out that she forgot me even now, so I have to look for her myself, but I don't know the way. Lao Wei, have someone send me to my master, come on."

"Well... " Wei Lianye asked obsequiously, "Who is your master? And where is your master?"

This little miss was simply a little devil, so her master must be a big devil! It seemed that he was going to have a hard time.

"My master ran off with a person of the Xiao Family." Lin Ruobai pouted, her eyes filled with grief. "Send me to my master now, or I'll tell my dad you bullied me."

"Oh, please don't, my little Miss. Alright, I'll take you to the Xiao Family now."

Wei Lianye broke into a cold sweat. If the little miss complained about him to her family, he would not be able to serve as the master of the Wei Family anymore. However, to his surprise, the Xiao Family was really lucky taking the master of this little miss home! And there was only one man in the Xiao Family who was attractive to women - Xiao Yuqing.

Was it Xiao Yuqing who took the little miss's master home? The more Wei Lianye thought about it, the more he felt it was possible. It seemed that he should change the attitude towards the Xiao Family from now on, for if he could build good relations with the little miss, he would ride on her coattails and enjoy countless benefits.

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