Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 388: He Was the Man Behind Her (3)

"Stop it!"

Suddenly, a furious shout came from behind and hit against Yun Luofeng with a powerful momentum. Just as the momentum was about to reach Yun Luofeng, a more powerful breath appeared and crushed it in the air.

Yun Xiao took the momentum back, his cold eyes slowly turning to the people who had come out of the courtyard. At the same time, Yun Luofeng took back the foot trampling on Lin Yue's chest and coldly glanced at the group of people who had just arrived. Her dark pupils constricted, revealing an icy light.

"Yue'er!" With an anxious look, Xiao Chen hurried to Lin Yue's side and asked her, "Are you alright?"

"Ahem," Lin Yue coughed and shook her head feebly, "I'm fine."

"How dare you!" After making sure his beloved woman was fine, Xiao Chen turned to Yun Luofeng and shouted angrily, "How dare you attack people in the Xiao Family! That's outrageous! Xiao Xiao, is she the woman you brought back?" When he was speaking the last sentence, he turned to Yun Xiao.

Yun Xiao answered with a frown, "My name is Yun Xiao."

Obviously, he was very unhappy with the way Xiao Chen called him. He was no longer a member of the Xiao Family, but Yun Xiao of the Yun Family.

"What?!" Xiao Chen's face turned blue, and he shouted in rage, "How ungrateful you are! Have you forgotten who raised you? How dare you change your last name! Your existence is simply a disgrace to the Xiao Family!"

In Xiao Chen's view, the Xiao Family could remove Yun Xiao's name from their genealogy, but Yun Xiao had no right to change his last name. Even though Yun Xiao's name was not included in the genealogy of Xiao Family now, he was not allowed to become a member of another Family!

Yun Xiao was expressionless, his eyes cold and apathetic. "I was expelled from the Xiao Family when I was seven years old." What he meant was that he had been expelled from the Xiao Family since he was seven, so he was actually not raised by the Xiao Family.

"You... " Xiao Chen was so angry that he could not speak. "Fortunately, you are no longer a member of the Xiao Family. Otherwise, I would have been driven mad by you! If you were as excellent as Yuqing, I would not have been so angry!"

Glancing at the enraged Xiao Chen, Xiao Lin turned to Yun Xiao. "Xiao 'er, you're really wrong in this matter. Even though you are no longer a member of the Xiao Family, you can't randomly give yourself another surname, because you still have the Xiao Family's blood in your body. Well, if you help Yuqing open the secret area with your power of blood, I can make an exception for you and allow you to return to the Xiao Family, and then you can still use the surname of Xiao."

For the Xiao Family, it was a shame to let their descendant use another family's surname, even though this person who had the bloodline of Xiao Family was already not qualified to use the surname of Xiao!

Yun Luofeng stood still and coldly stared at these people in front of her. They were the so-called family of Yun Xiao...

They called him a trash, not allowing him to use the surname of Xiao, but forbid him from using another surname! In their minds, Yun Xiao didn't deserve to have a surname! At that moment, Yun Luofeng's heart ached, and she felt sad for Yun Xiao. She couldn't imagine how many humiliations and cold shoulders he had endured before he was seven. And these insults were given to him by his own family! No wonder he was always cold and silent...

"Yun Xiao!" Yun Luofeng tightly grabbed the hand of Yun Xiao, and after feeling how icy the man's hand was, she said sincerely, "You still have me, and the Yun Family!"

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