Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 387: He Was the Man Behind Her (2)

Seeing Xiao Yuqing suddenly turn pale, Ling Yao's face changed and she anxiously asked, "Yuqing, what's wrong with you?"

Xiao Yuqing gently pursed his thin lips, his eyes unfathomably deep. He hurriedly searched for the source of the pressure on him with his consciousness, but he couldn't find out where the pressure came from!

Of course, with his strength, Xiao Yuqing couldn't find out this was from Yun Xiao. Now that Yun Luofeng said she was going to solve these people herself, he wouldn't stand up! But it didn't mean that he would let Yun Luofeng fight alone! Even though he couldn't help her publicly, he could give her a hand secretly. He was willing to be the man behind her!

"You really enjoyed scolding me, right?"

Yun Luofeng lightly moved her body and soon appeared in front of Lin Yue. She stared at Lin Yue, a wicked smile hanging on her face, her dark eyes glowing with a subtle light. "Did you insult Yun Xiao and his mother in the same way?"


Lin Yue's face changed, and she tried to hide behind Xiao Yuqing.

However, Xiao Yuqing was unable to move. He felt as if he was being crushed under a huge mountain, with a thousand-pound weight on his back.

"Mum, run! Don't worry about me, run!" Xiao Yuqing shouted with all his might, breaking out in a cold sweat, his handsome face ghastly pale. Hearing Xiao Yuqing's words, without any hesitation, Lin Yue quickly turned around and ran towards the outside of the courtyard. The only idea in her mind was to run for her own life, and her son's safety had been totally forgotten. Seeing her actions, Xiao Yuqing was a little bit disappointed. He didn't understand why he would feel disappointed when seeing his mother running away since he himself had asked her to run for her life.


Just as Xiao Yuqing became upset, a white figure rushed out of the courtyard, and then Lin Yue was kicked back into the courtyard and rolled to the front of Xiao Yuqing.

"Did you see that?" Yun Luofeng looked at Xiao Yuqing. "This is your mother, who was just running for her own life, regardless of your life. Do you think this kind of person will be kind?"

Xiao Yuqing tightly pursed his lips and kept silent. Indeed, his mother could be very selfish sometimes, but he still couldn't believe that she would be so selfish as to hurt a descendant of the Xiao Family.

"Qing'er," Lin Yue struggled to her feet and gave Yun Luofeng a black look, "Don't listen to this woman's bullsh*t. I was going to call your grandfather! When your grandfather arrives, she will die and there won't be enough left of her to bury!"

Hearing Lin Yue's words, Xiao Yuqing finally recovered from his extreme disappointment and he answered her softly, "Mum, I believe you... "

He would believe whatever she said to him!

Yun Luofeng sneered and slowly stepped towards Lin Yue, ignoring the immobile Xiao Yuqing.
"How did you treat Yun Xiao and his mother back then?"

Lin Yue paused and kept retreating. "What do you mean? I've never done anything heinous to them. Don't frame me in front of my son!"

After all, without any witnesses, no one could make her admit what she had done!

Yun Luofeng kicked Lin Yue's stomach, kicked her to the ground and trampled on her body. "Just answer my questions! No more excuses."

At this moment, Ling Yao was so scared that she hid off to the side. Already being tortured a few times, she no longer dared to speak any words, or else what awaited her would be an even crueler torture.


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