Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 380

Those people might have purposefully lowered their volume, but how sensitive was Yun Luofeng's hearing? Without a single word missing, that conversation traveled to her ears... 

She bent down, picked up a chopstick from the ground, and hurled it behind her with a swish. In a flash, it brushed past the young man slandering Yun Xiao's mother and immediately plunged into the wall behind him.

The originally sturdy wall was like a soap bubble being popped, only leaving behind a black hole, with the chopstick deeply buried in the wall. The young man was dumbfounded, wiped his slick neck, and looked at his hand. It was fresh red blood that colored his neck red. He was so frightened that he screeched, "Blood, blood!"

He nearly fainted, but thankfully, the people beside him hurriedly caught him, so he was able to steady his body. However, anyone could imagine the fear in this youth's heart.

Just a little more...

If the chopstick was slanted a little bit more to the side, perhaps his neck would be pierced through by the chopstick, and he would have lost his life.

"That was a warning." Yun Luofeng's dark eyes carried an aura of haughtily looking at the world. "If I hear anyone else humiliating his mother, I will instantly splatter your blood everywhere!"

The young girl's voice was insolent, and her features were brimming with cold arrogance.

Xiao Yuqing faintly frowned, his cool gaze sweeping past the cold man dressed in black. Something like jealousy suddenly appeared in his heart.

This man was obviously a trash, but a woman was willing to get angry on his behalf! Moreover, she had no scruples about staining Sifang City 1 red!

As for him...

No one would be willing to go this far for him.

Even his own father would not...

If it weren't for his outstanding talent, perhaps his status in Xiao Family would not be all that different from Yun Xiao's! A powerful clan like that, why would they damage their own interests for him?

In the entire main hall of the restaurant, silence returned in an instant. No one dared to take a deep breath, everyone using a timid expression to look at that peerlessly beautiful and bewitching girl dressed in white.

"Now, it's your turn." The corner of Yun Luofeng's lips was tinged with a smile as she turned to look at Ling Yao standing in front of her, "For all these years, how did you all slander Yun Xiao?"

"No!" Perhaps it was because Yun Luofeng's actions just now stunned Ling Yao again, the fear in her eyes intensified, and her hands tightly clung onto Xiao Yuqing's shoulders, "Brother Yuqing, save me!"

Xiao Yuqing's eyebrows became more and more furrowed as he lifted his hand to slowly push off Ling Yao's hands and coolly and mercilessly said, "I already told you not to cause trouble. Now, resolve the trouble that you caused yourself."

The man's heartless voice turned Ling Yao's heart incomparably icy, as though a stream of cold air rushed from the bottom of her feet to the inside of her heart, so cold that she inhaled a mouthful of cold air.


With a kick, Yun Luofeng sent Ling Yao's body flying. Then, before Lin Yao's body landed, she used an extremely quick speed to bolt to Ling Yao's front and viciously kicked Ling Yao's waist like a soccer ball with her instep, making the girl ceaselessly fly in the air.

Recalling the entirety of the humiliation that Yun Xiao suffered for all these years, Yun Luofeng's heart contained a fury, and now she vented all of this fury onto Ling Yao.

It was Ling Yao's own fault for bumping into her a second time!

After the final kick hit its mark, Ling Yao's body brutally landed on the ground. Yun Luofeng stepped on her and haughtily said, "Ling Yao, did you forget about the pill that I fed you earlier?"

  1. Sifang City (四方城): "Sifang" can mean "four directions" or "four corners".


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