Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 379

No one was clearer than Yun Luofeng of Yun Xiao's strength! Therefore, she was confident that Ling Yao would regret it for the rest of her life one day!

"Regret?" Ling Yao sneeringly laughed as she spoke in ridicule, "Don't you know? This man isn't a good person. He has been pestering me relentlessly and isn't even willing to end an engagement with me, insisting on taking me as his wife. So, I reckon he's only toying with you by being with you. For a man that pesters me because of my high status, do you think he will truly invest his sincere feelings?"

Especially towards such a man, she would absolutely never regret it!

The man who had disregarded Ling Yao all along, after hearing her self-opinionated words, had finally turned his unfeeling gaze towards her. However, this glance of his caused Ling Yao's entire body to tremble and her entire heart seemed to have been clenched by a hand. A suffocating feeling arose abruptly, causing her to be extremely fearful.

"Yun Xiao."

Yun Luofeng's hands lightly held onto Yun Xiao's arms and her eyes sank while she spoke in a volume only both of them could hear, "Your strength temporarily cannot be revealed, so let me handle this matter."

Based on what Qin Yuan had told her previously, there must be something in Xiao Family's hands that could threaten Yun Xiao's life. So if he were to reveal his strength right now, the Xiao's would definitely pester him relentlessly. Whereas with Yun Xiao's temper, he would never return to the Xiao Family, and at that time, it would definitely bring danger to him. She was unwilling to see this no matter what.

"She slandered me."

Yun Xiao put away his killing intent as his bewitching red lips had a stiff arc, and his eyes were filled with a callous glimmer. Earlier on, he had indeed wanted to kill her. Before Yun Luofeng came, he could ignore everyone! But he would never allow Yun Luofeng to suffer even the slightest humiliation! Even if his strength were to be exposed, he would still protect her.

"I believe you."

I believe you...

The young lady's pleasant voice caused Yun Xiao's heart to be emotionally moved. Within his deep eyes, the trace of callous glimmer gradually dispersed, as he gazed at the young lady beside him deeply. The corner of his lips curved up in a slight arc. Even if there was a day the entire continent distrusted him, it was sufficient for him with just her trust.

"You shall just stand there without moving." Yun Luofeng lightly hugged Yun Xiao before she turned and walked towards Ling Yao unhurriedly. Her slightly lifted eyebrow was unbridled, "Who did you say was a trash?"

Ling Yao was shocked to the point of retreating a few steps. "What do you want again?"

"I'll ask you one more time, who did you say was a trash?" Yun Luofeng slightly raised her jaw and looked down at Ling Yao with arrogance.

Ling Yao was clearly scared after being beaten up by Yun Luofeng as the gaze she used to look towards Xiao Yuqing beside her contained a cry for help and internal regret. If she knew that she would run into this woman, she would have brought along the Ling Family's bodyguards.

At present, within the main hall, other customers who were dining also stopped their actions as their curious gaze continuously shot towards Yun Luofeng and others, while they discussed in a low voice.

"This is the woman of the Xiao Family's trash? I didn't think that his luck would be so great to actually obtain a young lady that is so gorgeous."

"You better not look down on that Xiao Family's trash. Although he does not have any abilities, his looks are of the best quality. If you could look like that, there will also be a woman willing to lose money instead of being paid."

"Sigh, the Gods are sure impartial by giving him perfect looks but taking away his aptitude. However, it's all because of the trash's mother doing evil. Rumor has it that his mother had threatened Lin Yue to leave Xiao Chen in order to obtain him. As such, she had received retribution, with it falling upon his son."


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