Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 378

The man seemingly did not hear her words as he slowly walked towards the white-robed young lady standing in the restaurant without consulting anyone. His expressionless face seemed to have cracked as it contained a slight arc.

"You're here."

These simple words that represented the endless yearning of his heart were like a hand that lifted Yun Luofeng's heart.

"I'm here to find you."

The young lady had a slight smile on her face and her pitch-black eyes quietly gazed at the man standing before her. Her eyes contained a devilish glimmer. "And to see if you are fooling around with other women in passing."

Yun Xiao's gaze was serious as he looked at Yun Luofeng without blinking. "I will only look at you."

In this world, other than her, the other women were like a pile of white bones in his eyes, so what was there to see? Thinking of this, the man paused for a moment before continuing. "In this entire lifetime, there's not even enough time for me to look at you, so why would I waste my time with others?"

These were the most pleasant words of love Yun Luofeng had ever heard.

There wasn't enough time in this entire lifetime to look at her, so why would he waste his precious time with other women? Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes and the smile on her lips gradually became dangerous. "Who taught you to say all this?"

"No one taught me."

Actually, no one had taught him to say these words of love. He had only said the things in his heart he wanted to express.

"It seems like my training you for this half year was quite effective, as you're starting to understand things properly." Yun Luofeng curved the corner of her lips and her face was smiling. "In the future, I won't need to train you anymore."

Yun Xiao furrowed his eyebrows. "It's not enough."


"Because… I want to be trained by you."

If these words were spoken by someone else, Yun Luofeng could still treat it as them teasing her. But when it was spoken by Yun Xiao, it became serious and earnest, impossible for one to think of it another way.

Lin Ruobai blinked her eyes and looked at Yun Luofeng, followed by the unfeeling man standing in front and her eyes were shining with excitement.

There's something going on!

Master and this man absolutely had something going on between them!

Moreover, this man is much more good-looking than Xiao Yuqing and had the right to be deserving of her outstanding master.

The more Lin Ruobai thought about this, the more excited she got, and the seed of gossiping gradually germinated in her heart. Unfortunately, before Lin Ruobai had the chance to gossip, a voice that caused one's spirit to dampen could be heard.

Ling Yao angrily pointed towards Yun Xiao as she questioned while gnashing her teeth in anger, "That time you attacked me and Xiao Jing in the Longyuan Kingdom was not because you didn't see eye to eye with us, but was because of this trash, wasn't it?"

She didn't expect that the injuries they suffered that day were all because of this trash!

"You only figured that out now?" Yun Luofeng shot a sideways glance at Ling Yao and the corner of the lips curved up. "In this world, there's no hatred that is completely uncalled for. What's funny is that you two actually believed that I just didn't see eye to eye with you! I was actually only venting anger for my man!"

"You…" Ling Yao angrily glared at Yun Luofeng, "You're sure willing to degrade yourself to actually get together with this trash! Let me tell you, you're only picking up trash that I didn't want."

In this period of time, Ling Yao had suffered extreme anger and she had naturally vented her internal anger at this moment. In her opinion, with Yun Luofeng's arrogant personality, she would absolutely disdain to pick up another's trash!

"The man you treat as trash is actually a precious treasure in my heart." The light in Yun Luofeng's eyes was like the night skies, deep yet frightful. "Furthermore, there will be a day when you shall regret your decision."


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