Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 376

Her food... had been wasted just like that!

This was all because of that woman! If she hadn't sprayed her saliva on the dishes, her master wouldn't have destroyed the table of food, and she wouldn't have to salivate while looking at the delicacies on the ground...

Lin Ruobai swallowed a mouthful of saliva and her bright eyes widened and fiercely stared towards Ling Yao.

"Rotten girl, you actually dare to use such an expression to glare at me!"

Ling Yao's heart was still somewhat afraid towards Yun Luofeng, as what happened that day in the Longyuan Kingdom was a life-long nightmare! But even this little girl dared to glare at her with such an expression. Was she really that easy to bully?

Lin Ruobai restrained her frantic internal anger and turned towards Yun Luofeng to ask, "Master, can I beat her up?"

"When you're beside me, you can beat whoever you want. There's no need to ask me."

If Lin Jingfeng were to hear Yun Luofeng's words, even his heart would probably turn cold. After all, Lin Ruobai was viewed as a devil in her family, and there was no end of her causing trouble. He had originally hoped that Yun Luofeng would discipline this darn girl, but who knew this was basically a dandy meeting another dandy, so what good could come from it?

Lin Ruobai's eyes instantly brightened up and a smile gradually curved up from the corner of her lips. She clenched her fist so tightly that bone-cracking sounds could be heard.

"A darn girl who unknowingly popped up from some backwoods mountain dares to be impudent before me?" Ling Yao coldly smiled with a look of disdain on her face. "Don't tell me your parents never taught you that when you meet someone stronger, you must bow before them?"

As Yun Luofeng originated from the Longyuan Kingdom, this darn girl must also be a noble's daughter from the secular world. Regardless of how high her status was within the secular world, she had to bow before others over here!


Suddenly, a white silhouette like a gust of wind flashed past and reached Ling Yao's rapidly. With a smacking sound, a resounding palm slap landed on Ling Yao's left cheek and it became inflamed in a flash. Perhaps she did not expect that Lin Ruobai would really slap her, as she stared blankly momentarily. Only a long time later did she suddenly recover her senses and rage surged up violently in her eyes. She bared her fangs and brandished her claws and pounced towards Lin Ruobai.

"Rotten girl, you dared to hit me, you actually dared to hit me!"

Looking at Ling Yao rushing towards her, Lin Ruobai held her head high and her snow white face had a sneering smile on it. "I've hit you, but what can you do to me?"

Who asked this woman to sully her master? Those people who curse her master should die. Furthermore, this entire Spirit Domain belonged to her family, so how would she be afraid of the Ling Family?

"Slut, go and die!"

Ling Yao's expression was malevolent and the aura on her body gushed out, as a sharp sword unknowingly appeared in her hands while she rushed towards Lin Ruobai with all her might.

Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes and a dangerous glint flashed past momentarily. However, she did not take any action, but instead stood quietly beside Lin Ruobai and waited to see what would happen. She wanted to know Lin Ruobai's true strength!


Xiao Yuqing, who was originally standing at one side, silently saw the scene before him and his handsome face changed in a split second. His figure appeared beside Ling Yao in a flash and tightly held onto her shoulders.

"Ling Yao, you've acted too overbearing." His voice was cold and indifferent, but it caused Ling Yao's internal fury to increase.

It must be because Brother Yuqing had taken a liking to these two women! Therefore, he had stopped her. She would absolutely never give Brother Yuqing to anyone!


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