Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 374

"Brother Yuqing, I've been searching for you for a long time. I didn't expect that you would be here."

Xiao Yuqing retracted his arm and coldly asked, "What are you doing here?"

The man's voice contained an indifference that repelled others and his coldness did not contain any warmth. It was just like an ice block, causing Ling Yao's heart to be thoroughly chilled to the core.

"Brother Yuqing, it's Aunt who asked me to look for you to have a meal." Ling Yao looked at Xiao Yuqing while feeling wronged. "How about heading to the nearest restaurant?"

Hearing that it was Lin Yue who asked Ling Yao here, Xiao Yuqing no longer rejected her and he lightly nodded his head. His voice was still as cold as before. "Alright, I can accompany you to dine in the restaurant. However, if you touch me another time, I will truly not meet you again in the future."

Ling Yao's heart suddenly trembled, as she tightly clenched her fist.

Xiao Yuqing was too cold towards her to the extent that it was somewhat unusual! He must have taken a liking towards another woman for him to act like this!

If she were to find out who had seduced her Brother Yuqing, she would definitely dismember their body!

"Brother Yuqing, then let's set off."

Ling Yao suppressed her internal sourness and a forced smile revealed on her delicate face. She had subconsciously wanted to hang on Xiao Yuqing's arm, but just when she touched him she had retracted her hands.

Dragon Soaring Restaurant, with aromas floating and shrouding everything.

Ling Yao stood at the entrance and turned towards the man beside him with a smiling expression. "Brother Yuqing, how about this restaurant?"

It was as if the man did not hear her words as his eyes quietly gazed at the restaurant's hall. His cool gaze was similar to a lake, calm without any ripples.

Ling Yao froze for a moment and she involuntarily followed Xiao Yuqing's gaze. Suddenly an extremely gorgeous and familiar face appeared in her eyes and Ling Yao's pupils contracted as anger rose to her head. She would never forget how she was humiliated in the Longyuan Kingdom that day! She would also never forget the arrogant expression on this woman's face when she had been crushed beneath her feet!

Right now, she had actually come to the Spirit Domain and even delusionally wanted to seduce her Brother Yuqing! Thinking of this, Ling Yao no longer restrained her frantic heart as she rushed towards Yun Luofeng in fury. She completely forgot that she had been forced to consume a black medicine pill when she was in the Longyuan Kingdom, and the matter of her being subjected to Yun Luofeng's control.

"Slut! You actually dared to come here!"

Yun Luofeng, who was currently teasing Milk Tea, suddenly heard an angry voice, and she involuntarily frowned. Her black eyes slightly narrowed as she shot a sideways glance towards Ling Yao, who had started to kick at the table.

The young lady arrogantly swept a glance at Ling Yao's legs as the corner of her lips slightly curved up. "If you don't want your leg anymore, you can feel free to kick this table."

Ling Yao's leg stiffened and paused in mid-air as her eyes revealed a trace of horror. Clearly, the matters of that day had caused enormous spiritual harm to her. Even now, she still had a lingering fear in her heart in regards to the young lady before her.

"Hmph!" Ling Yao coldly snorted as she retracted the leg she used to kick at the table. Her face was filled with arrogance as she said, "I'm worried that the table you're using would dirty my leg." Even if she feared Yun Luofeng in her heart, she would never let it show on her face. Otherwise, wouldn't she be losing face?

Yun Luofeng hands lightly caressed Milk Tea's petite body as her eyes glanced towards Lin Ruobai seated at one side and said, "Let's continue, there's no need to care about her."


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