Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 372

The more Lin Ruobai listened, the angrier she got. It's fine even if these people had slandered her, but they actually dared to use such nasty words to sully Master!

They cannot be forgiven!

"Xiao Bai was indeed wrong at first for this matter, having taken your things. I'll give you ten taels, it can be considered as your compensation."

"I've said before, I don't want your money, I only want a wife!" The burly man's stared at Yun Luofeng in a drooling manner and his saliva nearly flowed down. "Ten taels compared to such a gorgeous woman like you is simply insignificant." These two women didn't seem like they were from Sifang City and he reckoned they were out-of-towners! If he couldn't bully them, then who could he bully?" All the people who set up a vendor stall in the street within Sifang City were of one mind. If these two women don't submit to him, then they can forget about mingling around Sifang City.

"I've given you a chance." Yun Luofeng sighed as her body leaned towards one side. "Xiao Bai, if you want to beat him up, then beat him as much as you like, just don't let him die."

Lin Ruobai's eyes brightened, and she rolled up her sleeves, eager to get into action with all smiles. "I can really hit them?" This darn girl had a violent streak in her bones, and hearing that Yun Luofeng allowed her to fight, the smile on her adorable face immediately became brilliant.

"Just based on you two darn girls?" The burly man sneeringly laughed as he brandished his hands and said while gnashing his teeth, "Let's grab these two girls!" Instantly, everyone picked up their weapons and rushed towards Lin Ruobai fiercely.

Lin Ruobai, who was surrounded, did not fear them and a brilliant smile perked up on her adorable face while she exhilaratingly stared at everyone who came towards her.


When these people were about to rush to Lin Ruobai, a cold voice could be heard suddenly, causing everyone to stop their tracks in a split second to turn and look at the person.

Behind the crowd, a man in cyan robes with sunlight shining behind his back walked over slowly. His features were refined and handsome, with cold black eyes looking past everyone before falling on that languid yet gorgeous young lady.

The young lady slightly narrowed her eyes and her black pupils gazed at the cold man walking over with a dangerous glint contained in her gaze.

"Master, do you not like this man?" Retracting her aura, Lin Ruobai then sensed the cold intent from Yun Luofeng, and subconsciously felt astonished. She didn't understand why her master did not like such a good-looking man.

Yun Luofeng did not speak as she lightly pursed her thin lips, while a trace of chilliness flashed past her wicked eyes. 

Seeing Xiao Yuqing walking over, Lin Ruobai tightly grabbed Yun Luofeng's arms and her big bright eyes gleamed. She subconsciously wanted to hide Yun Luofeng behind her back...

This man was indeed very handsome, but she did not like the expression he used to look at her master.

More importantly, her master did not like him!

Those people who her master didn't like, she felt the same way too!

"Young Master Xiao."

The burly man saw Xiao Yuqing who was walking over slowly, and stared blankly for a moment. After that, cold sweat emerged on his forehead.

"I didn't know these two ladies were acquainted with Young Master Xiao and offended them. Please forgive me, Young Master Xiao."

A cold smile hung on Xiao Yuqing lips. His back was to the burly man and his voice was just like a clear spring flowing. "How much money do they owe you?"

"This… only a few copper coins."

Cold sweat dripped down on the burly man's back as he looked at Xiao Yuqing with a guilty conscience.

"Just a few copper taels and you want to exchange for two wives? You have calculated pretty well, it's a pity that you didn't become an accountant."


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