Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 371

Lin Ruobai still had the candied fruit stain on her mouth as she blinked her eyes, failing to understand anything and puzzledly turned her head to look at the crowd that was chasing them.

"Master, are they chasing a thief? There's actually a thief in the territory that my daddy has jurisdiction over?"

Just as she said that, a group of tall and heavily-built people had already surrounded them. One of them walked up and spoke in a fiendish manner, "Arrest these two thieves and bring them back!"

Lin Ruobai foolishly blinked and she pointed to her nose. "Are you referring to me as a thief?"

"Who is there other than you?" the burly man coldly snorted. "You took my candied fruit without paying. If you aren't a thief then what are you?"

Lin Ruobai hid behind Yun Luofeng and mumbled indignantly, "I didn't know I had to pay…"

"You didn't know you had to pay? Are you stupid, you *****? Don't think I will let you off by using such an excuse! Both of you don't seem so poor as to not be able to fork out a few copper coins, but to think that you've done such a shameless thing. Since you're unwilling to pay, then I will arrest you two and bring you back to be my wives."

Seeing that the burly man's hands were about to land on her own shoulder, a trace of fury flashed through Lin Ruobai's adorable face. Although she had been basically cut off from the rest of the world these past few years, she understood the meaning of being someone's wife!

This man actually had such courage to shame her!


Lin Ruobai's small fist struck on the burly man's chest and he, whose build was several times bigger than her, had been hit flying and he crashed into the neighboring stall.

"This.." Lin Ruobai was shocked as she looked at her own fist, and turned towards Yun Luofeng while feeling wronged. "Master, have I gotten you in trouble? I honestly didn't know I had to pay to take things. Daddy never taught me this before."

Yun Luofeng raised her hands and stroked Lin Ruobai's small head. "You've never been to such a market before?"

Lin Ruobai hurriedly shook her had and looked at the gorgeous young lady before her in a pitiful manner. Her hands fiddled with the corner of her clothes in an uneasy manner as she timidly spoke. "Daddy didn't allow me to go out, so I've never come to such a place before. I honestly didn't know I had to pay."

"It's fine," Yun Luofeng patted Lin Ruobai's head and the corner of her lips perked up, while a dazzling radiance pass through her pitch-black eyes, "let me handle this matter."

Looking at the young lady's confident look, Lin Ruobai slightly blinked her eyes and obediently followed behind Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng looked at the burly man lying on the stall and asked in a serious manner, "How much do the few candied fruits she took cost?"

The burly man climbed up from the stall and laughed sneeringly. "This little thief stole my stuff, so how could I let her go that easily? Right now I don't want your money, I want both of you to be my wife."

Yun Luofeng lightly furrowed her eyebrows and her pitch-black eyes quietly gazed at the burly man before her. "You're sure about that?"

"Keke," the burly man licked his dry lips and his face had a licentious look, "I didn't think that I, Yue Rong, had such luck. After being a bachelor for tens of years, I could obtain two pretty wives now. Rest assured, if the both of you follow me, I will certainly not treat you unfairly."


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