Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 370

Looking at her empty hands, she was slightly displeased. "Brother Yuqing, we are soon going to be husband and wife, so what differences between men and women are you talking about?"

"At least right now we still aren't husband and wife."

Xiao Yuqing's gaze was cold and cheerless as always, but he was somewhat annoyed inside. "If you continue to be so touchy, I will not see you again in the future."

Ling Yao's body stiffened as grievance could be seen on her face. "Brother Yuqing, I had been bullied by that trash so I came to look for you, hoping you would avenge me. I didn't do it deliberately."

"Trash?" A wipe of confusion appeared within Xiao Yuqing's eyes. "You're saying…"

"Indeed, it's that trash that had previously been chased out from the Xiao Family!" Speaking of this, Ling Yao's face was full of fury. "That trash is too much! Obviously based on his status, he's not worthy of me but he continues to pester me relentlessly! I don't believe that he truly does not have the token! That token must have been hidden by him."

Xiao Yuqing frowned. "He's returned?"

His brother of the same father but different mother… had finally returned?

"Brother Yuqing, are you going to avenge me?" Ling Yao fiercely stomped her foot. "That trash was too much, how can you tolerate your fiancee being bullied?"

Without knowing why, when he heard that Yun Xiao did not hand over the token of betrothal, Xiao Yuqing's heart clearly relaxed. If things continued this way, then perhaps he might not have to take in a wife like Ling Yao who was so willful and unruly.

"That's an issue between you and him that is unrelated to me," said Xiao Yuqing.

His tone was indifferent, clearly not putting any importance towards Ling Yao. If it weren't that his grandfather wanted him to marry her, he would never take her as his wife regardless of anything!

Ling Yao stared blankly. She never thought that Xiao Yuqing would ever say such thing and a layer of tears emerged from her eyes. "Brother Yuqing, I…"

"I'm tired." Xiao Yuqing wearily closed his eyes. "You should leave."

Ling Yao tightly bit her lips and she reluctantly tore her gaze from Xiao Yuqing, as she ran away to leave the courtyard. Spilled tears flowed down and emitted sparkling glimmers in the air.

Xiao Yuqing slowly opened his eyes and his cool gaze looked towards the direction Ling Yao left and indifference filled his handsome face. His eyes completely lacked any warmth. At this moment, the scene of Yun Luofeng having a confrontation with him emerged from his mind and he slightly furrowed his eyebrows.

"I will definitely find out what happened that year and give my mother justice!"

He also wanted to let that young girl understand, he wasn't an illegitimate child, but instead, the true young master of the Xiao Family. Although it was a common occurrence in this continent for men to have many wives and concubines, if he was the son of a concubine who later became the first wife, that was very different from being a son of the first wife.

He must prove himself!


"According to the map, this would be where the Xiao residence is located."

On the bustling streets of Sifang City, a languid yet wicked smile hung on Yun Luofeng's face and smiling intent flashed past her face. Perhaps she was thinking she could meet Yun Xiao in a little while, as the smile in her eyes deepened.

"Xiao Bai?"

After Yun Luofeng came back to her senses, she suddenly realized that Lin Ruobai who was following beside her had disappeared. Just when she was about to seek for her, she saw Lin Ruobai walking towards her while holding two sugar-coated apples on a stick.

"Master, for you." Lin Ruobai passed on one of the sticks to Yun Luofeng and blinked her huge eyes, waiting to be complimented. "Is your disciple filial?"

Yun Luofeng slightly frowned. "Where did you get this candied fruit? I remember that your father did not give you any money?"

Lin Ruobai cutely took a bite of the candied fruit and stared at Yun Luofeng with her head to one side. "Of course I took it, this tastes really good. Master, do you want to try it?"

As she was speaking, a wild shout could be heard behind Lin Ruobai's back. That voice was extremely loud while rushing footsteps could be heard after.

"Catch the thief, catch the thief!"


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