Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 368

For a trash like him, not to mention marrying her as a wife, he didn't even have the right to look at her...

Within the Xiao's residence, Ling Yao saw the unfeeling man standing by a tree from afar. Even though many years had passed, Ling Yao couldn't help but feel astonished the moment she saw that man's appearance.

God was equal to all. After giving him a trash physique, it had also given him such an extremely handsome look. His face was just like a work of the gods, engraved to the utmost perfection! In the midst of the cold wind, with black robes fluttering in the wind, one could faintly glimpse his captivating figure under his clothes.

Ling Yao fiercely swallowed a mouthful of saliva. How good would it be if this guy wasn't a trash? Then she would definitely get married to him...

Thinking of this, Ling Yao unconsciously felt regretful in her heart and she clenched her teeth before walking towards the man standing under the tree shade in quick steps.

"Exactly what do you want to be willing to let me off?"

Ling Yao tightly clenched her fists. As long as she remembered that this man clung to her without letting go, anger would gush forth from her heart.

The man seemed to not have heard her voice as his black eyes were unfeeling as before while expressionlessly staring at the blue skies. It was as if he could see figures of people dwelling in an extremely distant place through those layers of clouds...

Ling Yao angrily stomped her foot. "Until when are you going to pester me? The person I love is Xiao Yuqing, not you. For a trash like you, you don't even have the right to carry my shoes!" Her eyes contained loathing that was not at all concealed, as the corners of her lips curved up in a disdainful manner.

Yun Xiao withdrew his line of sight as he walked towards the east courtyard with slow steps. All along, he did not spare a glance at Ling Yao.

It was just like he did not notice her existence!

"Trash!" Seeing that this trash had the audacity to disregard her as such, she angrily shouted, "Let me tell you, there's no use playing this game of 'loosening the reins to grasp them better'. I will never fall for you."

For a trash like Yun Xiao, he was absolutely unable to truly disregard her! With such an outstanding woman beside him, he would only think of all means to get closer, and the reason why he had ignored her was that he was trying to gain her attention. He thought that he could attract her attention by acting so? He was simply dreaming! Her gaze would never linger on this trash in this lifetime!

Even if this trash was extremely perfect.

"How's it going?"

Xiao Jing walked over from her back and frowned while he glanced at the direction Yun Xiao had left. "This trash is overly arrogant! I've observed him several times and he never acknowledges the presence of others! He was clearly standing before you but he didn't seem to notice you."

Ling Yao coldly snorted and spoke in ridicule, "I reckon he must have asked around to know that I like men who are aloof, so he is purposely acting cold to gain my attention. Unfortunately, if he wasn't a trash, I might have considered him for a moment. Purely on the basis of being labeled as trash, I will never fall for him."

Although she wanted to get married to Xiao Yuqing, the type of man who gave her a cold shoulder wasn't the type she liked! Merely, Xiao Yuqing's innate talent was very powerful and his strength surpassed others, which led her to want to represent her family and marry him to connect their families via marriage. Only on marrying Xiao Yuqing would their Ling family be able to truly stand on the same level with the Xiao Family!

Xiao Jing furrowed his eyebrows. From the start, he had felt that Ling Yao was too excessive in feeling good about herself. Through his observation these days, he clearly understood that this man truly did not place anyone in his eyes, and it was not like what Ling Yao had said, loosening the reins to grasp them better.

However, what he did not understand was, how did he have the confidence to display such an arrogant mindset, seeing that he was just a trash?


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