Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 365

"Squeak squeak."

Milk Tea called out and came out from Yun Luofeng's sleeves, while his bright eyes were filled with expectation.

"You want this spiritual energy?" Yun Luofeng looked at Milk Tea and asked.

Milk Tea put his front paws together and incessantly nodded his head while squeaking.

"Open up."

Yun Luofeng no longer had any hesitation and with a hand flick, the remaining trace of spirit energy shot into Milk Tea's mouth. Obtaining what he wanted, Milk Tea was perfectly satisfied. He entered Yun Luofeng's sleeves once again and started to digest the spiritual energy he had absorbed.

"After you digest this spiritual energy, I reckon you could advance to an earth-level high-ranked realm."

Yun Luofeng lightly sighed. The gold-seeking hamster's physique was after all, different from humans. It didn't need to be worried about affecting its foundation even if it were to absorb too much spiritual energy. On this point, it actually made Yun Luofeng envy it endlessly.

"After settling this spiritual energy, what comes next would be to seal the other energy within her body." Yun Luofeng's eyes gradually became serious and her gaze contained an imposing aura. "Xiao Mo, I require your help."


Two days later.

Ever since Yun Luofeng entered the back hall, she did not take a step out for an entire two days.

Within these two days, Lin Jingfeng had been anxiously waiting in the main hall and had wanted to head to the back hall, but had ultimately restrained himself.

During the afternoon two days later, the curtain had been opened by a hand and immediately Lin Jingfeng's eyes brightened up and he hastily walked over. Looking at the gorgeous young lady walking out from the back hall, his expression was full of anxiety.

"Miss, how is it?"

"You can go in and take a look."

Yun Luofeng did not say much but had instead, leaned to one side and opened a path for Lin Jingfeng.

Lin Jingfeng hastily entered the room. His gaze fell onto the young girl's figure who was now seated on the bed, and he couldn't look away. No one knew at this moment how hard his heart was hammering! It was as if it was about to jump out from his chest.

"Xiao Baiā€¦" He lightly whispered, seemingly afraid he would agitate her if he was careless.

"Daddy, what happened?" Lin Ruobai rubbed her blurry eyes, and her large misty eyes showed that she was at a loss and still unware of the recent developments.

A gentle smile emerged on Lin Jingfeng's handsome face. "Everything's alright, Xiao Bai. Your father has found a master for you and from now on, you shall follow and train alongside your master, alright?"

"Daddy, do you not want Xiao Bai anymore?" She looked at Lin Jingfeng with tears gleaming in her eyes as her lips pouted.

"Xiao Bai." Lin Jingfeng's heart ached as he walked towards Lin Ruobai's side and raised his hands to lightly caress her small head. Filled with affection, he spoke. "Your master is your benefactor, and only by following her can you continue living. Only after your strength is sufficiently strong, then you can return to your father's side."

Only Yun Luofeng could help Lin Ruobai seal the energy within her body, so he would only feel assured by having Lin Ruobai following alongside her. Lin Jingfeng would never take risks with his daughter's life, and who knows when that layer of seal would be broken?

"I understand."

Lin Jingfeng restrained his tears, while a brilliant smile perked up on the fair and delicate face, as her eyes that seemed to be able to talk had blinked.

"Daddy, I will work hard and cultivate, so as to not make you lose face."

"Good, very good. As expected, this is my Lin Jingfeng's good daughter, Haha." Lin Jingfeng swallowed a mouthful of bitterness and laughed. While laughing, his tears couldn't help but flow out.


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