Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 363

Looking at the young lady calmly putting away the holy water, the man's eyes hesitated for a moment. One had to know that this holy water was scarce even within the entire Spirit Domain. Other than him, there was only Xiao Bai who could consume it. He didn't expect that this young lady would actually snatch the holy water away.

However, the man did not dare to have any complaints in his heart, as after all, he still required Yun Luofeng to treat his daughter. How would he dare to offend her at this time? Furthermore, if she could cure Xiao Bai, it was worth it regardless of how much he sacrificed.

"If there is no improvement in the Miss' condition, you must return the bottle of holy water."

Dai Li knew his own Lord's misgivings and he did not dare to be excessively rude, but the meaning of his words was very clear. It was impossible for Yun Luofeng to cure his Miss. Furthermore, he was even more certain that Yun Luofeng came here to swindle and cheat, and her motive was to obtain the holy water.

Yun Luofeng did not even spare a glance at Dai Li, and his words went in one ear and out the other. She fished out a cloth bag from her sleeves and carefully opened it while taking out a few silver needles.

Yun Luofeng furrowed her brows and coldly commanded, "Prepare a candle and a few other medicinal ingredients."

"Dai Li," the man hastily turned towards Dai Li and ordered, "prepare the items this young lady needs."

"Yes, Lord." Dai Li unwillingly cupped his hands in salute.

In his eyes, with an illness that the Godly Physician couldn't even cure, how would his disciple be able to cure it? If his disciple truly had this ability, why would she recognize the God Physician as her teacher?

After saying these words, the man ordered paper and pen to be delivered so that Yun Luofeng could write down all the required medicinal ingredients. Shortly after, he ordered Dai Li to head forth to the pharmacy to purchase these ingredients.

Luckily, the pharmacy was not too far from the Spirit God Mountains. Coupled with the fact that the Spirit Domain produced abundant medicinal ingredients, it wasn't long before Dai Li had brought the ingredients Yun Luofeng had asked for.

Yun Luofeng lit the candle and sterilized the needles before slowly inserting the silver needles into Lin Ruobai's body.

The reason why Lin Ruobai had suffered such heavy injuries was that a trace of spirit energy had been inserted by someone. That trace of spirit energy was currently damaging her internal organs! However, even so, she should not be injured to the point of remaining unconscious! The reason why her injuries were so severe was that another berserk power was contained within her body.

This power was not a spiritual energy that humans possessed, which is why Yun Luofeng had asked that man if he had given Lin Ruobai anything else to consume.

"I've used my spirit energy to temporarily seal the two energies within her body." Yun Luofeng wiped the sweat from her forehead and slowly stood up. "I have a method to absorb one of them, whereas the other energy is too frantic and I am unable to assist her in absorbing it."

The man's expression tightened, and he became nervous once again. "Then would Xiao Bai be in any danger?"

Yun Luofeng shot a glance at the man whose face was filled with anxiousness and she slowly spoke. "I can seal the other energy within her for three years. Within these three years, she must increase her own strength. By the time her strength is equal to this energy, she can naturally neutralize it. However, she only has a timeframe of three years. Even if you did not agree with me taking her away, you must make such a decision now. Only by being beside me will she grow fast enough.

The man's heart relaxed and his eyes contained gratefulness. "Miss, I truly don't know how I should thank you. Moreover, what are these medicinal ingredients for?"


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