Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 359

The old man's face revealed a startled look and an expression that was stern like never before. "How is the situation?"

"Godly Physician, our Lord is waiting for you in the courtyard, please follow me."

The man opened the huge gate as his small eyes glanced at the gorgeous young lady beside the Godly Physician and asked while frowning, "Right, and this young lady is…"

"My disciple," the old man said indifferently.

So it's actually the disciple of the Godly Physician. The man relaxed, as after all, this matter was of great importance and he could not let outsiders know. If she was the Godly Physician's disciple, then that was a different matter.

Yun Luofeng looked at the old man and retracted her gaze very quickly as she followed behind the man and walked into the hall.

This house was somewhat aged and rather worn-out, while the ground was covered with weeds, seemingly uninhabited for a long time. Regardless of how worn-out this house was, it could not cover up the man's aura of nobility in the hall. This man's strength was very powerful, and she could sense the awe-inspiring aura he emitted from afar. He was like a monarch set up high above, his dominance resembling nature itself.

"Godly Physician." After spotting the old man appearing from the door, a smile raised on his handsome and domineering face. However, his smile contained sadness while his face was full of helplessness. "I've been waiting for you for a long time, could you follow me and take a look at my daughter's condition?"

The old man solemnly nodded his head. "Sure, bring me over to take a look."

"Godly Physician, please." The middle-aged man made an inviting gesture and walked to the curtains that separated the back hall and opened them.

Within the back hall, a wooden bed with a young girl that had a pale complexion could be seen. This young girl was around thirteen years old and her skin was fair and clear, looking extremely adorable. Her long eyelashes on her lightly closed eyes were like a fan that was slightly trembling. Her expression was pale to the extent of being nearly transparent as if she would break just by lightly blowing on her.

"Xiao Bai's condition is getting more and more serious and I'm afraid she can't survive much longer, so I sought for you from far away. Godly Physician, you are also aware that Xiao Bai's identity is somewhat special and I cannot let her die."

The man's gaze was fixed on the young girl on the bed, and he was reluctant to shift his gaze away in the slightest. His eyes were filled with affectionate concern and a heartfelt expectation.

"Master! This young girl's blood is somewhat special!"

At the time when Yun Luofeng had looked at her from the sidelines, Xiao Mo's astonished voice could be heard from her soul.

"Special?" Yun Luofeng slightly raised her brows and asked, "In what way?"

Xiao Mo tightly bit his red lips. "I've left this continent for too long and I am unclear about many things. The knowledge within my mind is not as wide as it was in the past. I only know, if Master were to save her, she would be very beneficial for you in the future."

Yun Luofeng was silent. She trusted Xiao Mo and since he had already said so, it proved that this young girl indeed had something special about her!

However, she did not rush to action and instead cast her gaze towards the old man.

The old man furrowed his brows, and his aged expression was solemn. "Xiao Ruobai's condition isn't too good, and I have to diagnose her current condition first. However, I cannot guarantee that I can treat her."

Hearing this, the man's heart suddenly tightened and a layer of sweat involuntarily emerged on his forehead. The Godly Physician had never failed to treat an illness before. Whereas right now, he said that he might not be able to treat Xiao Bai.


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