Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 356

Not expecting that the little old man really had a pass, the guard who had just scoffed at him seemed confounded for a moment. On the other hand, the other guard was calmer. Not looking at the little old man, he said coldly, "Whether you have a pass or not, you must let the master of the Xiao Family enter first! Our Spirit Domain has different ranked passes, and whoever has the higher ranked pass has the right to go first."

The little old man frowned, and his voice sounded quite angry. "What? Did that guy give me a low-ranked pass? Great, I came all the way to the Spirit Domain to treat him. But now I'm not only refused entry, but also have to give way to someone else! I've never been treated like this since I became famous on this continent!"

Yun Luofeng looked at the golden jade pass in the little old man's hand. "Why did you hide it in your shoe? Is your foot alright? Besides, you really couldn't feel it? That jade pass is so big!"

On hearing her words, the old man, who had been angry at the words of the guards, blushed and said with embarrassment, "Well... It was really careless of me. I was afraid that I might lose the jade pass, so I hid it in my shoe."

Coldly staring at the two people who were standing in front of the gate, one of the guards said impatiently with a frown, "Have you finished yet? If you have, get the hell out of the way! Can't you see the master of the Xiao Family has been waiting here for a long time?"

There was a rule in the Spirit Domain, the higher rank a jade pass was, the faster its holder could enter! So the rank of a jade pass was a symbol of its holder's status and power! If one had to give way to someone else, it would be taken as a disgrace and no strong person would like to experience such a thing.

Knowing this well, the little old man wasn't willing to give way to Xiao Yuqing. So he stuck out his chest and said, "On this continent, I'll never give way to anyone. If I give way to this boy, people will laugh their head off if they hear about it!"

"What? Who do you think you are? You..." One of the guards was going to scoff at him, but suddenly he saw the golden jade pass that the old man was holding tightly, and his face stiffened.

A golden jade pass?

What this old man was holding in his hand was the highest ranked pass in the whole Spirit Domain - a golden jade pass! But wasn't only that power able to release a golden jade pass? Was this old man invited into the Spirit Domain by that power?

Not understanding why the guard suddenly stopped talking, the little old man gave him a puzzled look. "What did you just say?"

The guard quivered, and exchanged a glance with the other guard, their eyes filled with shock. No longer taking a scornful attitude with the little old man, the guard hurriedly turned to him and bowed respectfully. "Senior, I was acting improperly just now. I'm sorry I offended you. Please forgive me, Senior."

The little old man was dumbfounded. Apparently, he didn't know why the guards suddenly changed their attitudes.

"Do you have a fever?

Why did the guard suddenly become so servile, since he was still so arrogant only a minute ago? Except for being ill, the little old man couldn't come up with another reason.

The guard laughed in embarrassment. "I didn't notice the jade pass in your hand, so I didn't know you were invited by that power. Senior, let me open the door for you now."

Finding out the reason, the little old man exclaimed, "Good to know that guy didn't give me a low-ranked pass. It turns out my pass is of a higher rank than the Xiao Family's pass. Otherwise, if I were forced to give way to a boy of the Xiao Family, I would turn around and leave immediately, leaving him to die."


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