Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 355

Yun Luofeng had already prepared for a big fight with Xiao Yuqing, but he simply said that. She smiled sarcastically, "A concubine is always a concubine. Not only did she steal a woman's husband, but also she tried to murder the woman's son, to consolidate your position in the Xiao Family! To my surprise, such a shameless person can be the mistress of the Xiao Family! The Xiao Family is making themselves a laughing stock by accepting her!"

After hearing Yun Luofeng's words, the guards of the Xiao Family flew into a rage. They pulled out their weapons and prepared to teach her a lesson. However, they had just taken a few steps, and Xiao Yuqing raised his hand and stopped them.

"Do you have a grudge against the Xiao Family?" Xiao Yuqing looked at her calmly and apathetically and one couldn't feel any warmth from his eyes, "Or, do you have something to do with my father's abandoned ex-wife?"

"I'm sorry, I was just taking up the cudgels for a poor woman," Yun Luofeng smiled coldly, her gorgeous face releasing a domineering aura, "I hate to see the Xiao Family bullying the weak, so I stood up to tell people the truth!"

Xiao Yuqing stared at Yun Luofeng with his clear eyes and said slowly, "Take up the cudgels? You don't even know what really happened! Though my mother used to be my father's concubine, she had met my father earlier than his wife and they fell in love with each other, but the woman kidnapped my mother's maid. My mother is a kind-hearted person and treated the maid like her own sister. To save the maid's life, my mother was forced to leave my father! How can you say it was all my mother's fault?"

"Did you experience these things in person?" Yun Luofeng glanced at Xiao Yuqing, her eyes filled with sarcasm.

"No," Xiao Yuqing shook his head, "my mother told me. But the whole Spirit Domain knows these things! So, if you don't know the truth, don't open your mouth. Otherwise, you might undergo some unexpected trouble."

Yun Luofeng sneered in her heart. To defend her own reputation, Xiao Yuqing's mother had the nerve to call white black and blame everything on Yun Xiao's mother. Above all, she believed in Yun Xiao more than Xiao Yuqing!

"I think it's you who don't know the truth," Yun Luofeng lazily stretched herself, a wicked light flickering across her slightly narrowed eyes, "Go tell your mother, all her deeds can never escape God's eyes! What she has done will come to light someday!"


If that woman were kind-hearted, there would not be any evil person in this world! She stole the husband of Yun Xiao's mother and threw an innocent little boy into a place as dangerous as the Forest of No Return alone! Would such a person sacrifice her own happiness for a maid?

The answer was no!

Every time she thought of the pains Yun Xiao had suffered, she had an urge to dismember the b*tch alive.

"Found it!"

While the two were trading words, the little old man suddenly burst into excited laughter, "Hahaha, I forgot that I stuck the jade pass into my shoe! Now I found it. Hey, open the door for me now!" Keeping his chin up, the old man glanced contemptuously at the two guards, "What did you say just now? I wanted to sneak into the Spirit Domain to steal treasure? Keep your eyes open! Have a look at this!"


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