Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 352

Gently stroking her chin, Yun Luofeng pondered for a while and her eyes lit up, "It seems that I have to find someone from the Spirit Domain to lead me if I want to enter the Spirit Domain!" If she had known that, she would have taken a pass token from the people of the Xiao Family.


Just then, Milk Tea's cheeping sound rang in Yun Luofeng's mind, and her face immediately turned serious, "Xiao Mo, I'm leaving."

Hardly had her voice faded away when she felt a suction force from the sky that pulled her consciousness away from the God Code Space. When she opened her eyes, suddenly, an old face appeared in front of her and startled her. It was a short old man whose smiling face looked a little bit wretched. Though he wore a white robe, he didn't look elegant at all, his white hair shining under the dim light of night.

"Little girl, we meet again." The little old man greeted Yun Luofeng with a smile, "What a coincidence that we meet here."

Yun Luofeng finally remembered who he was. He was the old man having a dispute with Mu Wuchen in the teahouse. He said he would come to the General Estate to buy the spiritual tea the second day, but he came that night and left in a hurry after taking the spiritual tea as if he was avoiding someone.

"Why are you here?" asked Yun Luofeng, frowning.

The little old man smiled, "This is the gateway to the Spirit Domain. I'm here because I'm going to the Spirit Domain. Little girl, are you interested in going to the Spirit Domain with me?"

Yun Luofeng looked suspiciously at the little old man who had invited her because the little old man seemed to know that she was going to the Spirit Domain...

Seeming to be able to read her mind, the little old man curled his lips, "I have said just now, here is the gateway to the Spirit Domain. You are here because you want to go to the Spirit Domain, right? However, if you want to enter the Spirit Domain, you have to find someone from the Spirit Domain to take you in or get a pass. So I guess you stayed here because you're not allowed in."

"What are you going to do in the Spirit Domain?" Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips, her dark eyes staring at the little old man, her stunningly beautiful face showing a smile.

"Healing people, of course!" When it came to what he was good at, the little old man got quite proud, sticking out his chest, his old face brimming with pride. "Little girl, if you are interested in medical skills, I can teach you, and for free. What do you think of that?"

"Well," said Yun Luofeng, touching her nose, "I'm not interested."

She was not interested in learning medical skills from the old man, because she already had the best medical book in her hand! What medical skills could be compared with those in the Medical God's Code?

The little old man's smile suddenly froze, and he glared at Yun Luofeng,"You silly girl, do you know how many people want to learn my medical skills? And you just refused them? If it weren't for the fact that I find we're quite congenial, I wouldn't bother to teach you."

Glancing at the angry old man, Yun Luofeng replied half-heartedly, "Okay, when I get interested, I'll learn medical skills from you."

When she got interested?

The little old man couldn't help but roll his eyes. How long would he have to wait before she finally got interested? However, he had finally met such an interesting girl, so he didn't want to scare her off. Otherwise, where could he find another girl as interesting as her?


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