Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 350

Xiao Lin always believed that the trash would not be willing to break off the engagement with Ling Yao who was an excellent girl and the little princess of the Ling Family anyway. However, he didn't expect that Yun Xiao was no longer a trash. Even if he were still a trash, he would not choose Ling Yao. Yun Luofeng was the only person in his mind!

"Good." Yun Xiao, who had been silent for a long time, immediately agreed after hearing his words, his voice as cold as ever.

Hearing the man's words, everyone present felt relieved. They were afraid that Yun Xiao would cling to it after learning about his engagement with Ling Yao! Fortunately, this trash knew himself well! He knew he didn't deserve the little princess of the Ling Family.

"In that case, hand in the engagement token." Relieved as well, Xiao Lin said in a tone not as harsh as just now.

Yun Xiao frowned, "I don't have any engagement token."

His words made all the people present turn pale!

The middle-aged man sitting next to Xiao Lin jumped to his feet, his face ghastly pale, "Nonsense! Your bloody mother must have given you the token! Hand it in! I know, you just don't want to break off the engagement with Ling Yao! But you have forgotten that the heiress of the Ling Family would never choose a trash like you?"

In his opinion, Yun Xiao wouldn't hand in the token because he was not willing to break off the engagement!

Hearing the angry voice of the middle-aged man, Yun Xiao gave him a cold glance. This man was his father! But in his mind, he was not his son, but a mortal enemy! And if it weren't for taking back that thing, he would have wiped out the whole Xiao Family...

"I will break off the engagement," Yun Xiao paused, "and I don't think I have any engagement with her."

The only woman he wanted to marry was Yun Luofeng! All other women had no difference with a pile of bones in his eyes!

"You want to break off the engagement? Then hand in the engagement token," the middle-aged man sneered, his eyes filled with disgust and sarcasm. "Why not hand in the engagement token? Do you really want it or is this just a clumsy excuse?"

Seeing her husband getting furious, the coquettish woman hurried to rub his chest to comfort him, and her beautiful face was full of contempt.

"My dear husband, this boy is just a trash. The engagement with the little princess of the Ling Family must be a blessing he earned from his eight previous lives. A person like him would definitely not miss this good opportunity. Unfortunately, the little princess of the Ling Family only loves my son Yuqing. This trash simply has no chance."

He was just a trash. What made him believe the Xiao Family would accept him even though they were calling him back? If it were not for her son, the Xiao Family would not allow him to take a single step into the Xiao Family!

Her son was so excellent! Not only was he called the first genius of the Spirit Domain, but he also attracted so much attention that every woman in the world would compete for his love, while this trash could only get sarcastic comments.

Hardly had her voice faded away when Yun Xiao gave her a cold look. It made her feel like she had fallen into hell and she was frozen with terror.

No! That was impossible!

The coquettish woman bit her lips, her delicate body trembling. How could this trash be so intimidating? Just now, she felt she as if she was going to be strangled, and her heart even missed a beat...

Not knowing what had happened, the middle-aged man tightly held the coquettish woman's trembling body, and tenderly asked her, "Yue'er, what happened?"


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