Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 349

"Thank you," Yun Luofeng said sincerely, with gratitude in her black eyes.

Qin Yuan's body stiffened and he said with a wry smile, "Mistress, my master is your man, so it's my duty to do whatever you ordered. You really don't need to thank me." He knew that no matter how she threatened him, she would not really do anything so cruel to him. Though Mistress seemed domineering outside and would beat anyone she didn't like without hesitation, she was very nice to people on her own side. Otherwise, she would not have said 'thank you' to him.

It was because Mistress was such a person that he was willing to obey her orders.

"Tell my grandfather, I will come back in half a year or up to two or three years." Yun Luofeng finally looked at Qin Yuan and walked out of the door. She knew that if she told her grandfather that she was going to go to the Spirit Domain, he wouldn't allow it. So she could only leave without saying goodbye.

The Spirit Domain.

Perhaps because the descendants of the Xiao Family and the Ling Family had been bullied outside, now the whole Spirit Domain was not very peaceful. At this moment, in the hall of the Xiao Family Estate, a serious-looking old man was sitting upright, and a man and a woman were seated next to him. The middle-aged man was dressed in a blue robe, his eyes sullen, and he glanced at the man standing aloof in the hall with a disgusted look. Beside him sat a coquettish woman, whose face revealed a bright smile, but her eyes were as sharp as a viper. When stared at by her, one would feel uneasy as if targeted by a viper.

"Xiao'er, we have had you come back for two purposes," the old man said with a serious look, his eyes as cold and sharp as a dagger, "Firstly, soon Xiao Yuqing will succeed me as the master of our Family. You were expelled from the Xiao Family, and your name was removed from our genealogy, so you are not eligible to participate in this event. However, Xiao Yuqing must open the secret area of the Xiao Family if he wants to inherit the position! And the price of opening the secret area is the power of blood of ten disciples of the Xiao Family.

Inside the hall, the man was silent, his handsome face expressionless, his callous black eyes coldly staring at the old man sitting high, and he gave no reaction to his words.

"We had chosen ten disciples with great powers of blood, but one of them was accidentally killed in a mission some time ago. Thus, we had to contact you via the power of the blood!"

Today, there were only ten disciples in the Xiao Family whose powers of blood were strong enough to open the secret area. The powers of blood of the rest of the disciples were too weak to open the secret area. Thus, the Xiao Family thought of Yun Xiao who had already left the Xiao Family. In that year, the blood test showed that Yun Xiao had a strong power of blood, so the Xiao Family placed high hopes on him. However, it turned out that this man was just a trash!

Even Xiao Lin, the master of the Xiao Family, didn't understand why Yun Xiao, whose power of blood was so strong, was a trash! What's more, nobody had a greater power of blood than he did in the whole Xiao Family!

"Secondly..." Xiao Lin paused and then continued, "to annul the engagement between you and Ling Yao. She and Xiao Yuqing love each other. Even if you insist on marrying Ling Yao, she wouldn't be willing to marry you. Then why should you ask for an insult? With your poor aptitude, you are simply not qualified to represent our Xiao Family and marry the heiress of the Ling Family."


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