Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 347

"Mistress, good morning." Qin Yuan laughed awkwardly and said, "My master asked me to wait for you here, and he left you a message."

For some reason, looking at Qin Yuan's expression, Yun Luofeng got a bad feeling. "Where is Yun Xiao?" she asked, frowning.

Qin Yuan rubbed his hair, "Master went to the Spirit Domain because he wanted to return to the Xiao Family... "

"Return to the Xiao Family? Why?" Yun Luofeng was stunned and asked, her eyebrows knitted. Qin Yuan looked even more embarrassed, "Mistress, Master asked me to tell you that he would wipe out the Xiao Family as soon as possible and...don't forget to keep your promise to him."

"What promise?"

"Well, Mistress, you said that you would strip before Master after the Xiao Family was wiped out."

In saying this, Qin Yuan blushed, and he couldn't imagine that his cruel master would say such a shameful thing. In particular, just to make Mistress strip off before him, he went to the Spirit Domain alone, a place so dangerous.

It seemed that the mistress was very important in Master's mind!

"That idiot," Yun Luofeng shook her head helplessly, "why does he just believe every single word I say? He returned to the Xiao Family just because of a joke of mine?"

As if thinking of something, Qin Yuan forgot how embarrassing it was, and his face turned anxious. "Mistress, though Master didn't want me to tell you, I think I should let you know that it might be dangerous for Master to return to the Xiao Family."

Yun Luofeng felt like her heart missed a beat. "What's the matter? Shouldn't Yun Xiao be able to cope with the Xiao Family with his strength?"

"Mistress, "Qin Yuan shook his head, "indeed, Master is very powerful, but... the master of the Xiao Family held a thing in his hand that may endanger Master's life!"

Yun Luofeng's face changed, her dark eyes suddenly darkening, "Why didn't Yun Xiao tell me about this before I provoked the Xiao Family?"

Qin Yuan answered with a wry smile, "Mistress, you are too important in Master's mind. As long as you are happy, he wouldn't mind putting himself in a dangerous situation!"

That fool!

Hearing Qin Yuan's words, Yun Luofeng couldn't help but scold Yun Xiao in her mind. In her two lives, she had never seen a person so stupid! However... she was always moved by this stupid man!

"Give me a map of the Spirit Domain," said Yun Luofeng, breathing deeply.

"Oh?" Qin Yuan was stunned. "Mistress, why do you want to go to the Spirit Domain?"

"Of course to find that fool Yun Xiao!"

How could she just leave that fool alone after she had caused all of this? She was going to go to the Spirit Domain no matter how dangerous it would be!

Qin Yuan got nervous and then embarrassedly said, "Mistress, I don't think that's a good idea. If Master knew that I told you about this, he would cut me into pieces."

Yun Luofeng glanced at Qin Yuan grimly and threateningly said, "Do you choose to be cut into pieces by him or dismembered alive by me? Trust me, my means will only be more bloody than Yun Xiao's! I will not let you die until you shed your last drop of blood!"

Qin Yuan shivered and looked frightened. He regretted it! He regretted telling Mistress about this. If Master knew about it, he would not let him off lightly!

Finally, gritting his teeth, Qin Yuan said, "Mistress, please wait a moment. I'm going to prepare the map of the Spirit Domain for you."


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