Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 346

Yun Luofeng said with a smile, "Not only did she tell me that you and she were engaged when you were kids, but that you had an engagement token in your hand. Is that true?"

Yun Xiao thought about it and shook his head, "I've never heard of it. Did she tell you what the engagement token was?"

"A jade pendant engraved with the 'Ling' character."

Yun Xiao was silent, frowning as if he was trying to recall it. However, he couldn't recall what the jade pendant looked like even though he had racked his brain. "I don't have a jade pendant like she described."

When he left the Xiao Family, he took nothing with him, not to mention a jade pendant. So he really didn't have the jade pendant Yun Luofeng said.

Yun Luofeng glanced at Yun Xiao," When you left, your mother didn't give you something?"

"No." Yun Xiao answered very firmly, his dark eyes filled with sincerity and earnestness, "Trust me, I didn't have that kind of relationship with her."

Certainly, Yun Luofeng would believe Yun Xiao's words, but it didn't look like Ling Yao was lying. Then there was only one possibility. Yun Xiao's mother didn't give him the jade pendant!

"It's alright," said Yun Luofeng, crossing her legs. She moved her stiff shoulders and asked in a lazy voice," Yun Xiao, could you massage my shoulders?"

Pursing his lips, Yun Xiao silently walked to Yun Luofeng, his hands falling on the girl's shoulders. Looking from behind, he could see the girl's jade-like skin through her thin clothes. Yun Xiao felt his heartbeat was accelerating. Staring at her in a daze, he couldn't move his eyes away from the girl's body.

"Yun Xiao?" Not feeling his movement, Yun Luofeng turned around to check what happened. After seeing the aggressive eyes of the man behind her, she slightly narrowed her eyes, the smile on her lips releasing a dangerous aura, "Do you want to see what's under my clothes?"


As an honest man, Yun Xiao would not lie, be it in action or in words. He wanted to see her body, so he was honest about what he had in mind.

The smile on the girl's face spread, and she rose from the chaise longue and took a few steps towards the man. "Then... do you want me to strip off before you?"


The girl's ambiguous words and her provocative movements made the man's blood rush into his brain. In an instant, his body was aroused...

Even though the two of them had slept together, Yun Luofeng had never been naked in front of Yun Xiao. She was in her pajamas even in the bed. No wonder on hearing her words, Yun Xiao would have such a strong sexual impulse...

Feeling the sharp rhythm of the man's breathing, Yun Luofeng chuckled, "Yun Xiao, I'm just teasing you. I will not strip off before you...until we've settled the issue with the Xiao Family."

Thinking of the Xiao Family's insult to Yun Xiao, Yun Luofeng felt a strong killing intent, an icy light flickering in her dark eyes.

The Xiao Family! What she had done to the Xiao Family was just the beginning, and she would let the people of the Xiao Family live in regret. Make them feel better off dead!

Yun Xiao looked at the stunningly beautiful face of the girl, a light flickering across his cold dark eyes. His eyes were still as deep and dark as night, so nobody could tell what was in this man's mind.

The next day.

At dawn, Yun Luofeng pushed the door open after finishing the morning wash. Suddenly, a gray figure waiting in the doorway was reflected in her eyes.


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