Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 343

"Go too far?" Yun Luofeng's face shone with a wicked light. Raising her eyebrows, she stared at Xiao Jing in front of her. "As a member of the Bai Family, I never know what 'going too far' means! This woman wants me to let her go after she bumped into me? In her dreams!"

At first, Xiao Mo didn't know what his master wanted to do, but now he suddenly figured it out.

Framing up! This was all about framing up!

Not waiting for the people of the Xiao Family to make trouble for Yun Xiao, his master made some trouble for them to keep them busy.

The descendants of the Xiao Family and the Ling Family were humiliated by a member of the Bai Family. How could they easily let go of the Bai Family? Thus, she pretended to be a member of the Bai Family and tried to foment a dissension between the two sides. It served the Bai Family right. They shouldn't have participated in the war of the Liujin Kingdom, and they even helped the Empress kill her mother...

"You are from the Bai Family? The Bai Family of the Liujin Kingdom?" Not expecting he would meet a member of the Bai Family here, Xiao Jing turned pale.

Not feeling ashamed of her trick at all, Yun Luofeng said assuredly, "Yes, I am from the Bai Family! With Bai Su as our master, do you think we'll be afraid of you?"

Even though Yun Luofeng didn't know the real identity of Bai Su, she could tell from Yun Xiao's words that Bai Su was special in the Bai Family! Therefore, she planted what she did on Bai Su. At this moment, a handsome and evil face popped up in her mind, his narrowed eyes revealing a dangerous light.

Bai Su! One day, I will settle with you! Let me make some trouble for the Bai Family first! I just need to stand by and watch you fight.

"Stop him!" Xiao Jing ordered the guards of the Xiao Family, then grabbed Ling Yao to get out of there. "Ling Yao, let's go!"

"You think you can go?" Yun Luofeng sneered and looked at the guards of the Xiao Family who were rushing at her, an icy light flickering across her dark eyes. Then a long sword appeared in her hand...


Yun Luofeng quickly passed through the guards of the Xiao Family. Very soon, blood spurted from the bodies of those fierce and menacing guards, and they fell stiffly to the ground.

Realizing the situation was unfavorable to them, Xiao Jing tried to escape, but in an instant, the figure in a white bamboo hat had appeared in front of them.


The girl waved her long sword. As soon as the sword flashed, Ling Yao's clothes were cut to pieces and scattered in the air.


Ling Yao screamed and quickly covered her body with her arms, with a look of shame and horror.

"Although there are a lot of scars on your body, I'm still interested in it." Yun Luofeng put away the long sword, took out a whip from somewhere, and slowly approached Ling Yao. Looking at the approaching figure, Ling Yao kept retreating, trembling all over.

"Don't! Don't come here! Xiao Jing, help me, AH!!!"


Yun Luofeng cracked the whip, and Ling Yao's body immediately bled, with skin split and flesh torn.

"Stop it!"

Xiao Jing was going to catch Yun Luofeng's whip, but before he reached out his hand, he was knocked off by a spiritual strength and fell backward into a pile of corpses.

Covering his chest, Xiao Jing kept spitting blood. He really regretted that he didn't check the lunar calendar to check his fortune before he set out from home! Who knew that there were so many audacious people in the secular world who dared to touch people from the Spirit Domain!

Yun Luofeng's eyes fell on Ling Yao and she asked coldly, "Your identity?"


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