Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 342


Gritting her teeth, Ling Yao stood up from the ground. Every time she thought of Yun Luofeng, she freaked out, wishing she could rush over to the woman and rip her into pieces! However, she knew that with her own strength, she couldn't avenge herself! Moreover, since taking that pill, she could not use the power of her family.

"Let's go." Xiao Jing looked away and walked slowly towards the woods in front of him.
However, Ling Yao seemed to be absent-minded. Biting her lips, she stared at her toes, eyes wandering.


Suddenly a figure appeared in front of her and caught off guard, so she violently bumped against them. At the same time, the other side released a powerful aura, knocking her body into the air.


Ling Yao had been seriously injured. With this blow, she spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

"Ling Yao!" Xiao Jing's face violently changed. He hurried to Ling Yao and lifted her trembling body up, his icy eyes sweeping to the crasher who had suddenly appeared in the woods...

Her white robe was fluttering in the gentle breeze, and her head was covered with a white bamboo hat, so Xiao Jing could not tell if the person in a white robe was male or female!

Xiao Jing's eyes darkened and he asked coldly, "Who are you?"

Under the bamboo hat, a faint smile was hanging on the girl's gorgeous face, her dark eyes crystal clear and bright. She deliberately lowered her voice to make it low and hoarse, with a tinge of ruffian tone.

"She bumped into me because she wasn't watching where she was walking, so... I just taught her a lesson."

Perhaps because she had deliberately changed her voice, she sounded quite manly, and Xiao Jing thought this person must be a man.

"Ling Yao was wrong. She should have watched where she was walking. But are you totally innocent? You were so spooky that we couldn't say exactly when you appeared. How can you blame Ling Yao for bumping into you?"

In the breeze, the girl's bamboo hat was lifted slightly upward, but only her thin lips could be seen and the smile hovering on her lips revealed a tinge of ruffian style.

With his eyes wide open, Xiao Jing still couldn't see the face under the bamboo hat…

"If I said she bumped into me, then it was she who bumped into me!" The girl's voice rang again, "I'll punish anyone who offends me! Do you choose to gouge your eyes, or to be punished by me?"

Her last sentence was clearly directed at Ling Yao. Like a dandy, she spoke in a ruffian manner, "Although you face isn't pretty enough, your figure is not bad. I'm interested in playing with you. Gee, I'd like to know how it feels when I strip you and whip your beautiful body."

Hearing the words of his master, Xiao Mo in the God Code World couldn't help but roll his eyes. He didn't expect that his master would be so good at disguising herself as a man. She could even vividly imitate the ruffian tone. In particular, when she was molesting Ling Yao, people who didn't know her real identity would take her as a real ruffian.

"Don't go too far, friend!

Xiao Jing's face darkened. He really had a streak of bad luck during this trip! At first, he met a crazy woman, and now he met a ruffian. If it were not for the fact that he was seriously injured, he would have sent the guy to hell.


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