Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 339

Facing Xiao Jing's threat, Yun Luofeng responded with an action.


Once again, her hand was slapping Ling Yao's face. In just a moment, the cheeks of Ling Yao were swollen, which made her look like a pig. It hurt so bad that she couldn't utter a single word. She was glaring at Yun Luofeng, her red eyes full of enraged tears. If looks could kill, maybe Yun Luofeng would have been cut into pieces by her glaring look.

Even though Xiao Jing was good at controlling his temper, he was so enraged by Yun Luofeng that he nearly went up in flames, his face all black with rage.

"Don't blame me for being rude if you keep provoking us!" Xiao Jing clenched his fists and rushed towards Yun Luofeng, a killing intent flickering across his fierce eyes.


All of a sudden, the girl in front of him raised her eyes and glanced at him with a wicked look. In an instant, a powerful force poured into his mind, leaving his mind blankā€¦


Yun Luofeng lifted her foot, mercilessly kicking at Xiao Jing's chest, and his body immediately flew out and slammed against the wall. Appearing as if the kick seriously injured him, he began to vomit blood ceaselessly.

"Beat them!" Glancing at Xiao Jing who was struggling on the ground, Yun Luofeng cracked a wicked smile, "Don't kill them. These two people cannot die so fast!"

"Yes, Master."

Hearing her order, the members of the two corps were all rubbing their hands and walking to Xiao Jing lying on the ground with sinister smiles.

"You... don't come over!" Xiao Jing was frightened and trembling all over.

If confronted with these people previously, he wouldn't fear them. After all, the most powerful one of these people was just a high-level low-rank spirit cultivator. However, Yun Luofeng's kick had inflicted 10,000 points of damage to his body. Now he couldn't even get to his feet, let alone fight with these people.

Realizing that the situation was unfavorable to them, the people of the Xiao Clan wanted to save Xiao Jing. However, they were stopped by the people of the two corps before they could reach Xiao Jing.

What awaited them was simply a ravaging.

They suffered from this because Xiao Jing was too confident. He didn't think there was any person strong enough to worry about in the Longyuan Kingdom, so he didn't take any strong guards with him. The strongest one of the guards he took with him was just a high-level low-rank spirit cultivator. That was why the guards of the Xiao Clan guard couldn't even defend themselves.


Punched in the face by almost every one of the two corps, Xiao Jing's teeth had been knocked out. His right cheek was swollen like a steamed bun, and his mouth was bleeding. No longer looking at Xiao Jing, Yun Luofeng turned her eyes to the girl in front of her and slightly raised her eyebrows, "I allow you to choose a way of being abused."

Ling Yao shook her head in horror: "No, I'm from the Ling Family, I... "


The girl's fist fell and slammed down on Ling Yao, stopping the words on the tip of her tongue.
Vomiting a mouthful of blood, Ling Yao glared at Yun Luofeng furiously, the blood dripping from her mouth dyeing her clothes red. At this moment, trembling all over, she was burning with rage.

This b*tch, she would never let her go!


Yun Luofeng's fist once again fell. Ling Yao's body shook and she slightly closed her eyes, her beautiful face ghastly pale. With each punch, Yun Luofeng felt that the anger in her heart had been vented a little bit. Every time she thought of the torture Yun Xiao had suffered over the years, her heart was filled with hatred!


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