Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 338


Harshly slapped, Ling Yao was totally stunned. Gaping and speechless, she looked dumbfounded at the gorgeous girl who suddenly appeared in front of her, her eyes full of shock.

For... at that moment, before she could catch Yun Luofeng's action, her figure suddenly disappeared. Like a breeze, she had appeared in front of her.

How fast did she have to be in order to be capable of this?

"Yao'er, " Feeling his heart miss a beat, Xiao Jing rushed to Ling Yao's side. With a frown, he asked anxiously, "How are you doing? Are you alright?"

Xiao Jing voice finally brought Ling Yao back. Realizing that she was actually slapped by someone, she became furious and jumped out at Yun Luofeng ferociously, with a mad look.

"B*tch, how dare you beat me! I'm going to kill you! No one has dared to beat me since my childhood! I swear I'll kill you!"

With bloodshot eyes, she looked like a cannibal beast, clawing at Yun Luofeng's face, her eyes filled with madness. However...

Just when she was going to reach Yun Luofeng, Yun Luofeng grabbed her by the arm and slammed her body into the ground.


Ling Yao's head bumped against the ground, making a thud.

When had Ling Yao ever endured such a grievance? It was so painful that she burst into tears, and before she could get to her feet, Yun Luofeng's feet had tread hard on her chest. As she tread, Ling Yao yelled out loud with pain, her bloodshot eyes brimming with killing intent.

"B*tch, how dare you do this to me! My family will never let you go!"

Yun Luofeng slightly raised her eyebrow and exerted a greater force with her right foot. Immediately, Ling Yao gave a shrill cry. Breaking into a cold sweat, she could not even speak...

"Stop it!"

Finally coming back from shock, Xiao Jing said with a black look, "Miss, give some leeway to others and spare yourself a lot of trouble afterward. Don't go too far. I'm sure you will regret provoking our Spirit Domain."

Xiao Jing thought on hearing the name of "Spirit Domain", Yun Luofeng would be frightened. Unfortunately, the girl didn't respond to his words at all, as if she did not hear him.

Xiao Jing's eyes darkened, and he waved his hand and coldly ordered, "Guards, stop her!"

"Yes, Master." Hearing his order, the people of the Xiao Clan standing behind him quickly rushed to Yun Luofeng. However, when they were going to reach Yun Luofeng, the people of the two corps suddenly stood out, protecting Yun Luofeng like statues in front of her.


A powerful aura overwhelmingly swept through the courtyard...

After feeling the aura of these people, Xiao Jing's face changed violently and his eyes turned solemn. "High-level spirit cultivators? There are ten high-level spirit cultivators here! When did high-level spirit cultivators become so cheap in the Longyuan Kingdom?"

Although the Xiao Clan had more high-level spirit cultivators and still dozens of sky-level spirit cultivators, ten high-level spirit cultivators added up were still a great force in the Longyuan Kingdom. After all, from what he knew of the Longyuan Kingdom, there seemed to be only two high-level spirit cultivators in this country...

As one of the outstanding disciples of the Xiao Clan, he had become a high-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator a few months ago. However, there were too many of them, so he could hardly deal with all of them.

Xiao Jing's eyes flickered and he said threateningly, "Miss, the Xiao Clan has a lot of sky-level spirit cultivators and so does the Ling Clan. If you insist on this, you will cause a big trouble for yourself!"


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