Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 336

The middle-aged man hastily snatched the banknote and looked at it carefully to verify its authenticity. After determining that this banknote was indeed genuine, he stuffed it into his sleeve without delay and left in a hurry without even tidying up his place.

Xiao Jing disdainfully glanced at the middle-aged man's hastily leaving figure and slowly looked back to Ling Yao.

"In this way, we have a place to stay. What comes next would be to search for that trash's whereabouts."

Ling Yao furrowed her eyebrows. "However, we haven't seen that trash for over ten years, and even if he were to appear before us, we might not recognize him."

"Rest assured," Xiao Jing smiled mysteriously, "I have something in my hands and with this, I can recognize him if he was to appear before me!"

Having heard what was said, Ling Yao sighed with relief, "That's good. For mine and Yuqing's happiness, I must find that trash as quickly as possible to break off our engagement! Only the number one genius of the Xiao Family like Yuqing is worthy of me."

Xiao Yuqing, the number one genius of the Xiao Family, was the ideal man for countless women, and she was also included in that group! If that trash had some self-awareness, he should not pester her and agree to break off the engagement.

"Rest assured," Xiao Jing patted on Ling Yao's shoulders to comfort her, "even if he pestered you after meeting you, the Xiao Family has the means to make him give up! It's absolutely necessary for the Xiao and Ling family to be connected by marriage, but your marriage partner will definitely not be that trash!"

"I hope so."

Right now, as long as she thought of that trash, a trace of loathing would flash through her eyes. If it weren't to break off their engagement, she wouldn't be willing to meet that trash in her entire life!

"Let's go in and rest first," Xiao Jing slightly narrowed his eyes, "Whereas for that trash… I will find him very soon."


Within the General's Estate.

A young lady was seated under the peach tree while closing her eyes and resting within the back garden. A faint spiritual energy lingered over her entire body and was absorbed via her pores.

Suddenly, the young lady heard fast footsteps heading towards her direction and she slightly opened her eyes, with her black pupils landing on the servant maid walking in.

"How are things?" Yun Luofeng lightly raised her brows and questioned.

"Miss," Qingyan's delicate face was frowning, "I had already passed down instructions and all the inns did not dare to accommodate them. However, that man from the Xiao Family took out a banknote and bought a house."


An abstruse glimmer appeared within Yun Luofeng's pitch-black eyes, making it impossible for others to comprehend her thoughts. After a long time, the corner of her lips curved up and her slightly narrowed eyes contained a dangerous glint.

"It's time to meet these two people from the Xiao Family."

Qingyan blinked her eyes, "Miss are you thinking of taking actions against those people from the Xiao Family? Based on what reason?"

"Reason?" Yun Luofeng lightly smiled, "Don't forget, I'm the number one dandy in the Longyuan Kingdom, do I need a reason to hit someone? I just purely don't see eye to eye with them! Qingyan, rouse up the Corps as we are about to deal with a major matter!"

She, Yun Luofeng, never needed a reason to hit someone, and she purely didn't see eye to eye with these people! Furthermore, who could do anything to her?

Qingyan's eyes shined. Her Miss was simply too domineering! It seemed like there are still many things she had to learn from her, especially the spirit of being shameless!


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