Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 335

Xiao Jing slightly furrowed his eyebrows and ordered in a serious tone, "Ling Yao, other than looking for that trash, you have to break off your engagement with him."

Upon hearing this, Ling Yao couldn't help but get angry. "I truly don't know what my grandfather was thinking, to actually set an arranged marriage between me and that trash! Furthermore, I was unaware of this for so many years! If it weren't for Xiao Yuqing's return this time and grandfather wanting me to marry him, he never would have told me about this."

For families like the Ling's and the Xiao's, they regarded arrangements seriously! If she wanted to marry Xiao Yuqing, it was a must to break off this prior arranged marriage. After hearing that the Xiao Family wanted to look for this trash, she had volunteered to undertake this task and followed them.

"That trash should also be unaware of this matter." Xiao Jing's furrowed eyebrows became increasingly wrinkled, "Regardless of whether he agrees or not, your engagement must be broken off."

That year, as Yun Xiao's parents were geniuses of one out of ten thousand, the Ling family head had proposed to have a marriage arranged between them at a young age. Simply put, this matter was only known by the older generation of the two families.

It did not occur to them that Yun Xiao would actually be a trash! Therefore, this matter had been delayed from then on. If it weren't because the Ling family wanted Ling Yao and Xiao Yuqing to be connected via marriage, they never would have revealed this matter.

"It's for the best if he doesn't know," Ling Yao snorted, "If he knew that from a young age we had an arranged marriage between us, then he would definitely relentlessly pester me! Otherwise, for a trash like him, what woman would be willing to get married to him?"

"Not necessarily, he had an outstanding appearance since he was young and it wouldn't be a problem for him to become a son-in-law." Xiao Jing's mind recalled his face and the corner of his lips curved slightly but his eyes were filled with disdain.

Ling Yao sneeringly raised the corner of her lips, "I reckon that a woman who would take a liking to that trash wouldn't be much better. If she weren't a trash like him, then she must be a lecherous person, and how good can someone like that be?"

Her words implied that it was impossible for Yun Xiao to find a good woman. Unfortunately, such a trash was not someone she would take a fancy to.

"Alright, let's not discuss that trash now. The top-priority job is to settle our accommodation for the day. Once we have settled down properly, then we can search for that trash's whereabouts!"

Xiao Jing looked at Ling Yao standing before him as he gradually opened his mouth to speak, "However, all the inns are fully booked so where can we search for a place to lodge for the night?" Ling Yao pouted her lips and her face was full of unwillingness.

Xiao Jing deeply pondered for a long time before a trace of a glimmer flashed through his eyes. He walked to a house with quick steps and knocked three times.


The door was pushed open and a middle-aged man walked out in a foul mood and asked angrily, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"I want to buy your house," Xiao Jing faintly smiled.

"Scram," The middle-aged man waved his hand impatiently, "I'm not selling this house and you better not have come here to cause trouble."

"Ten million." A tranquil and calm yet confident smile was on Xiao Jing's lips.

Sure enough, after hearing his words, the middle-aged man's eyes lit up as he fiercely swallowed his saliva.

"You're really willing to buy my house for ten million?"

Clearly, he did not believe there would be someone foolish enough to use ten million taels to buy an old house.

Xiao Jing no longer said anything as he took out a banknote from the sleeve of his robes and handed to the middle-aged man.

"Here is ten million. Everything in your house belongs to me, and you can leave now."


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