Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 334

"On what basis are you not allowing us to check in?"

Within the inn, a young lady's arms were on her hips as she stared angrily at the inn's boss, with flames of fury sprouting from her eyes.

"My apologies, our inn has been fully booked and is unable to accommodate you. How about making do with staying in the stables?"

The young lady was angered to the point that her pretty face became thoroughly red. This damned inn actually dared to let someone as respectable as her to stay in the stables? For a noble person like her, she must stay in the most luxurious room and other places were not worthy of her identity.

"Nonsense, I clearly saw someone checking in earlier on, so why can't we?"

"Keke," The inn's boss laughed twice and politely rejected, "Unfortunately, that customer took our last available room and you came too late. As such, I can only ask you to put up with it. Otherwise, how about visiting other inns?"

The young lady narrowed her eyes, and a strong killing intent was revealed from within. Just when she wanted to take action, she was stopped by a man beside her.

"Forget it," The man shook his head, "Yao'er, let's look for other inns. This is not the only inn in the Longyuan Kingdom."

"But…" Ling Yao was still unwilling as she angrily stomped her foot, "These secular people are truly ignorant! They should have immediately cleared out all the customers when a respectable person like me arrived here and let us select the best room! I didn't expect they would actually chase us away!"

In her entire lifetime, Ling Yao had never experienced such humiliation! Within the Spirit Domain, as the princess of the Ling Family, who wouldn't yield to her? She didn't expect that when she came to the secular world, these people actually dared to not give her any face. How would she be able to endure this?

"Forget it." Xiao Jing pulled on Ling Yao's sleeves and shook his head, "Don't forget that we are on a task for our trip here, so it's better to not cause trouble. Besides, this isn't the only inn here, we can always look for other inns to stay in."

After saying this, Xiao Jing pulled Ling Yao who was still fuming outside, but what they did not expect was that all the inns in the Imperial City were full, and there were none that they could stay in.

Ling Yao was thoroughly enraged as she gnashed her teeth in anger, "What rundown place is this? If it weren't because the Xiao Family is looking for that trash, I would absolutely never come to such a place!" 

Ling Yao was accustomed to preferential treatment within the family and had never encountered such matters before. It was no wonder that she was extremely angry.

"Yao'er," A trace of pondering flashed across Xiao Jing's unflustered face, "This matter is too coincidental. There's nothing important happening within the Longyuan Kingdom, so why are all the inns fully booked? I suspect there is someone manipulating this behind the scenes."

Ling Yao snorted and her delicate face was filled with disdain, "Who has such courage to dare to oppose us from the Spirit Domain? That trash from your Xiao Family? Just based on that trash, where would he have such strength? Furthermore, we were secretive about this matter of us coming to the Longyuan Kingdom, it's impossible that trash could have known!"

When Ling Yao was mentioning Yun Xiao, her face was filled with disdain.

Although ten years ago, that trash had a perfect looking face! However, a trash was ultimately a trash! Generally speaking, for such a trash that could not cultivate and did not have any strength, she would never spare him another glance!

The type of man that she admired must not only have a handsome and beautiful face but also be powerful. Only those type of men were worthy of her with her noble status.


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