Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 333

Yun Xiao kept silent without speaking, and his black eyes all along stared at the young lady within his embrace. He didn't hate the Xiao Family, but it didn't mean… that he would let them off! Merely, within his eyes, the Xiao Family was an expendable existence.


Just then, Qin Yuan's voice suddenly sounded and after that, his body flipped over the enclosure and knelt before Yun Xiao. "Reporting to Master, the Xiao Family has already entered the Imperial City."

Having heard what was said, Yun Luofeng's expression suddenly turned solemn, and the smile on her lips was wicked and sinister as she coldly spoke, "Xiao Family? I didn't think they would arrive this fast! Ye Ling, pass down an order saying that all the inns within the Imperial City are not allowed to receive the Xiao Family. If anyone dares to violate this, chase them out of the Longyuan Kingdom."

"Yes!" Ye Ling cupped his hands in salute and spoke respectfully.

Looking at the arrogant and domineering young lady before him, Yun Xiao's lips slightly moved. "The Xiao family is powerful, I shall let Qin Yuan protect you."

"No need for that," Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her lips, "I know my limits."

"Then I'll leave it to you."

As long as she was happy, regardless of whatever she did, he would support her without any conditions.

Qin Yuan opened his mouth, seemingly wanting to say something, but he received Yun Xiao's icy glare, causing him to instantly shut his mouth.

"Qingyan, let's go."

Yun Luofeng languidly stretched her waist and her narrowed eyes contained a dangerous glint. "I'd better replenish and store my energy, so I can deal with those people from the Xiao Family."

The brilliant sunlight poured down and covered every corner of the courtyard. After Yun Luofeng finished her sentence, she brought Qingyan and walked towards the backyard direction.

Qin Yuan only faced Yun Xiao after waiting for the young lady's figure to completely disappear, and he asked hesitatingly, "Master, why did you not tell her that the Xiao Family has that item in their hands? If by any chance they fly into a rage out of humiliation, Master, your life will be in danger…"

All along, Yun Xiao had stared in the direction that Yun Luofeng left as his slightly raised lips were stiffly curved. His handsome face was expressionless as if his face was paralyzed.

"The Xiao Family cannot threaten me."

His words implied, regardless of what Yun Luofeng did, he would not prohibit her! Instead, he would support her in silence behind her back.

"Is there news of her?" Yun Xiao back faced Qin Yuan and asked coldly. In his words 'her' naturally meant his mother who had also disappeared after he left.

Hearing the question, Qin Yuan replied prudently. "Master, our men have searched numerous places, but there is still no news about madam's whereabouts…"


Yun Xiao's voice was muffled and hoarse and sounded unconcerned, causing Qin Yuan to raise his vigilance and cold sweat appeared on his forehead. "Master, your subordinate is incapable! Please punish me." He hastily knelt on the ground and asked while trembling with fear.

"You shall follow beside Feng'er in the future." Yun Xiao's unfeeling gaze swept past Qin Yuan's body. "If she were to be harmed in the slightest, you shall end your life."

He didn't dare to imagine what would've awaited her if it weren't for the Ning family rushing here and making it on time two days ago. He would never allow such things to happen again! If something had happened to Yun Luofeng, he didn't know what crazy things he would have done!

"Yes, Master." Qin Yuan wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and spoke respectfully.


On the bustling and lively streets, two young men and a woman were leading a group of men into an inn. After a short period of time, the sound of angry words could be heard from the inn.


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