Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 331

After hearing the word free, the old man clearly loosened up. Yet, after that, Yun Luofeng's words caused him to be stunned and frozen on the spot...

"What did you just say?" The old man stared at Yun Luofeng distractedly. At this moment, he suspected that he had a problem with his hearing.

What she said just now… that handyman is the Sect Master of the Spirit Sect?

Was it the Spirit Sect he was familiar with?

Yun Luofeng looked at her grandfather's startled expression and slightly shrugged her shoulders. "It is what you're thinking of."

The young lady's lackluster tone had fiercely rammed into her grandfather's heart, like a heavy club beating him, until his entire being couldn't process things properly.

"This…" The old man hesitated for a long time before speaking, "For the Sect Master of the Spirit Sect to do odd jobs for the Yun Family, this is somewhat embarrassing. How about this, I'm not a stingy person and the wages that have to be given must be paid. Housekeeper, record this down to give the newly hired worker a copper coin for his wages every month."

The old man had a deadly earnest expression, and the housekeeper who was quietly waiting beside him couldn't help but rebuke him in her thoughts.

A copper coin? Are you trying to send away a beggar? To think that the General would say these words.

"There's no need for that." Yun Luofeng tugged the corner of her lips and smiled devilishly while looking at the old man's pained expression. "He would even be willing if you were to ask him to fork out money. Giving him wages would instead cause him to feel uneasy."

The old man nodded his head in approval, "Since that's the case, I better keep this copper coin, at least I can still buy a scallion with it. Alright, the both of you can continue hanging out, I will not disturb you. Housekeeper, hurry and support me, my legs feel somewhat feeble…"

"Yes, General."

The housekeeper walked up and lent an arm to support the old man as they walked out of the courtyard at an exasperatingly slow pace. The old man was clearly still shocked at this moment, and as such, his footsteps were feeble. If it weren't for the housekeeper lending an arm to support him, perhaps he might have fallen at any time.

Despite how serious he had acted earlier on, he had in fact been shocked silly by Yun Luofeng's words. No one would have ever expected that the awe-inspiring Sect Master of the Spirit Sect would be doing odd jobs for the Yun Family...

"Yun Xiao," seeing the old man's disappearing figure, Yun Luofeng's eyes gradually swept towards Yun Xiao, "you have yet to tell me, where have you been these two days?"

Yun Xiao paused for a moment before speaking, "I just received news that the Xiao Family has arrived in the Longyuan Kingdom! Therefore, I went to investigate this matter. You can rest assured, I will never let these people disrupt you."

If the Xiao Family disturbed her, he wouldn't mind destroying them entirely!

"Yun Xiao," Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and a trace of cold glimmer flashed through her eyes, "since people of the Xiao Family have come looking, then we shall look for the appropriate timing to meet them. How about it? I also want to know, what is the reason that they are looking for you?"

Yun Xiao lightly pursed his thin lips, as his pitch-black eyes gazed deeply into Yun Luofeng's eyes, "Since you want to meet them, I am willing to accompany you. If you are not fond of them, then I shall destroy them."

Yun Luofeng shook her head, "Yun Xiao, do you want to meet your mother?"


For Yun Xiao, these two words were extremely unfamiliar! However, his mother was the only one who cared about him in the past within the Xiao Family. It's a pity that his mother did not have a position within the Xiao Family, so she was unable to protect him when he was young...

"She's not at the Xiao Family."

Yun Xiao's eyes were unfeeling and still as water. "Ever since that year when I was chased out of the Xiao Family, she also disappeared. No one knew where she went."

Ever since he left the Forest of No Return, it wasn't that he did not return to look for her secretly. However, the news he managed to obtain was that she had already disappeared several years ago and even the Xiao Family… was not aware of her whereabouts.


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