Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 330

However, he had an outstanding aptitude from an early age, it was just that he was of lowly birth, resulting in Gao Tu not placing him in his eyes.

"Since Miss Yun has spoken, then the Seventh Prince shall ascend to be Emperor of the Longyuan Kingdom." Si Qiong smiled in a flattering manner, "Miss Yun, may I know if you have other instructions?"

Yun Luofeng muttered to herself irresolutely for quite awhile before she spoke, "You shall withdraw with Qingyan. She will instruct you on what you need to do."

"I understand." Si Qiong cupped his hands in salute, with respect across his whole face.

Looking towards Qingyan's leaving figure, Yun Luofeng turned taciturn. She gazed at the man before her and asked, "The Spirit Sect is the backstage supporter of the Longyuan Kingdom, and the Bai Family are the people behind the scenes of the Liujin Kingdom. Just that, is the strength of the Bai Family and the Spirit Sect the same?"

"The Bai Family and the Spirit Sect are different. Even a hundred Spirit Sects couldn't compare to the Bai Family."

"Why is that?"

All of a sudden, a handsome yet devilish face appeared within Yun Luofeng's mind and her heart gradually sank.

"There is the existence of Bai Su within the Bai Family!" Yun Xiao lightly furrowed his brows as his unfeeling gaze turned serious, which was unprecedented. "Without Bai Su, the difference between the strength of the Bai Family and the Spirit Sect would not be huge."

Bai Su...

Yun Luofeng's eyes met with his. "He seems to be related to my parent's death, but I do not know his origins."

Originally, she thought that the difference between the strength of the Bai Family and the Spirit Sect would not be too huge, but she didn't expect she had thought of things too simply!"

It was easy to deal with the Spirit Sect, but if I were to meet the Bai Family again, it won't be that easy...

"Next time, if you meet Bai Su and I'm not by your side, do not battle with him."

His unfeeling gaze contained a trace of almost undetectable concern, and his expressionless face also had a faint trace of nervousness. That man was too dangerous. If Yun Luofeng were to meet him head on alone, she would definitely be at a disadvantage!

"I understand," Yun Luofeng raised her head slowly and met his ice-cold gaze, "I will not fight with him alone."

Yun Xiao deeply gazed at Yun Luofeng. "I am having Si Qiong stay beside you because his strength isn't considered bad, and he can temporarily protect you when I'm not by your side! When the time comes and you don't need him anymore, he can be dealt with however you would like."

"Yun Xiao."

Yun Luofeng raised her arms and walked forward two steps, tightly hugging his body.

"Thank you…"

The young lady's soft whispering caused Yun Xiao's body to slightly stiffen. He raised his hands and tightly held her body. At the time when her eyes were downcast, an extremely faint curve tugged on her bewitching red lips.

"I've said before that I will protect you!"

Since he had chosen to protect her, he would never let her be harmed! Regardless of whether it was the Bai Family or even some other people...

"Cough, cough."

Suddenly, the sound of a dry cough could be heard, and Yun Luofeng hastily left Yun Xiao's embrace, looking at the old man who walked in from outside of the courtyard.

"Grandfather, your mood for enjoyment is indeed strong, to actually come here to disturb your granddaughter training her men?"

She lightly raised her eyebrows and looked at her grandfather's somewhat awkward face in a smiling yet not smiling manner.

"You darn girl, I just returned to the Yun Family and I heard that you've hired a handyman." Yun Luo seemed not to be the slightest bit ashamed of his own actions as he spoke in a lecturing manner, "Our Yun Family already has enough men, and are you aware how much silver is required to feed those people? Since you don't manage the household, you truly don't understand how expensive rice is. Do you think that this old man's money was picked up off the ground?"

Yun Luofeng shrugged her shoulders and rebutted, "It seems that I was the one who earned the Yun Family's money."

Yun Luo glared at Yun Luofeng, "What do you mean by you earned it? What's yours is mine! That silver belongs to me too, and also, how much money are you giving that handyman?"

"He's working for free." Yun Luofeng lightly rubbed her nose, "Oh, by the way, that handyman's identity is Sect Master of the Spirit Sect…"


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