Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 328

This was what she was worried about.

"Oh right…" Yun Luofeng lightly raised her brows and she looked toward Ye Ling. "The skills of the cook from your Estate are pretty good. I originally wanted you to bring him here, but I forgot about it as I was too busy! Ever since I tasted that cooking, even the Yun Family's food can't compare. You shall bring that cook into the Yun Family sometime later."

Ye Ling's gaze revealed a trace of uncertainty. The cook for the Third Prince's Estate was better than the Yun Family's? Why was he unaware of that? The cooking of the Yun Family's cook had even surpassed the imperial kitchen, so how could those people within the Third Prince Estate compare?

"Miss," Qingyan prudently shot a glance towards Yun Luofeng, "that day, the soup that I brought to you wasn't made by the cooks in the Third Prince's Estate."

Yun Luofeng's brows furrowed in a slanted direction. "Then who made that soup?"

"It was…" Qingyan nibbed on her lips and then spoke resolutely, "It was Yun Xiao."

Yun Xiao?

Yun Luofeng stared blankly and astonishment flashed through her eyes. Clearly, she did not expect that Yun Xiao would have such excellent cooking skills. Just as she went silent, a familiar aura came from behind her and his unique scent spread in the air.

"You're aware of it?" The man's voice was low and hoarse, gradually sounding in her ears.

Yun Luofeng turned and looked at Yun Xiao appearing before her and her pitch-black gaze contained a smiling intent. "Yun Xiao, you're back?"

"En." Yun Xiao stared at Yun Luofeng. "At that time, I saw that you weren't accustomed to the Liujin Kingdom's food, so…"

"Yun Xiao," Yun Luofeng interrupted his words, "why didn't you tell me earlier that you knew how to cook?"

Yun Xiao looked deeply at Yun Luofeng. "You don't like me doing these things! I was afraid that you would be angry if you knew."

"Why would I be angry?" Yun Luofeng lightly furrowed her eyebrows and questioned after failing to understand.

Yun Xiao was silent for a long time. "That day, when I prepared bath water for you, you said that was Qingyan's chore. So I thought you did not like me doing these…"

"Yun Xiao, your cooking is really good, where did you learn it?" Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her mouth. This time, she had truly picked up a treasure. Not only were this man's looks of the best quality, his strength was formidable and he was committed to her! Right now, another line had to be added. Not only was he capable of doing what a man was required to do, he could even excel in the kitchen! It seemed as if there was nothing he wasn't capable of.

"These past few years, I had to manage my own livelihood! In regards to cooking… I learned it when I was trapped in the Forest of No Return." Yun Xiao's gaze was serious and concentrated, and both his pitch-black eyes were filled with the young lady's breathtaking silhouette. "If you like, I can cook for you every day in the future."

Yun Luofeng's voice was very domineering. "From now on, you can only make soup for me."

"What about General Yun?"

"Not giving him any."

Yun Luofeng spoke without hesitation, without even giving any leeway to say otherwise. If the old general were to know what she said, he would definitely be angered to the point of being half-dead.

"Alright," a faint smile curved up from Yun Xiao's lips, "I shall only cook for you."

His smile only blossomed for her alone. His cooking would only be put to use for her alone!

"I am aware of the matters in the Longyuan Kingdom that happened recently." The faint smile on Yun Xiao's lips disappeared in a flash as if it had never appeared. "However, I've already settled it for you! Si Xuan's dead, and I've brought her father to face you."


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