Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 327

"Father! A tiger though cruel, will not devour its cubs. You will definitely receive your retribution for being so heartless and merciless!" Si Xuan screamed mournfully, and her headful of beautiful hair was messily spread out behind her, staring at Si Qiong like a madman.

"You this rebellious daughter, you offended the Ghost Emperor and still dare to sprout such outrageous words?!" Si Qiong slapped Si Xuan's body flying and trampled on her waist, "Who told you to offend the Ghost Emperor? If it weren't for you offending him, I wouldn't be forced to consume a poison pill. You harmed me, yet you still dare to lecture me? Retribution? Even if there was retribution, it should fall upon a rebellious daughter like you first!"

One after the other, his feet stomped on Si Xuan's body. Si Xuan was trampled by him until she spat out blood and her complexion turned ashen. Her ribs had been shattered and she was in so much pain that she couldn't even produce a sound.

Qin Yuan hugged his chest with both arms while looking at the good show before him. He seemed to be tired as he had even found a stool and took a seat, while his eyes were filled with the radiance of being in high spirits.

"Young Master Qin Yuan, this unfilial daughter of mine is too rebellious, so there's no need for you to personally take action. I shall personally punish her myself!"

Si Qiong instantly unsheathed his long sword and suddenly thrust down as Si Xuan was looking at him with a heartbroken gaze. Fresh blood shot out from her chest, dyeing his face red. His expression was cold and solemn without any expression.

It was as if the person he killed wasn't his daughter but just a stranger...

"Si Qiong," Qin Yuan unhurriedly stood up from the stool, "with a self-centered leader like you who doesn't even recognize their own family, it's no wonder my Master has been reluctant to take in the Spirit Sect. Luckily I was wary of you and made you consume a poisonous pill. Otherwise, with your personality, you would bite the back of your own master sooner or later. Oh right, my Master isn't your Master. You don't even count as his dog."

Facing Qin Yuan's mocking and ridicule, Si Qiong did not get angry as a flattering smile appeared on his face. "Young Master Qin Yuan, you're right. I can't even be considered a dog. Just let me know, where does the Ghost Emperor want me to go?"

Qin Yuan laughed grimly, "Of course to the Yun family! As a father, you must offer an apology to our Master's woman for the mistakes your daughter committed. If she does not pardon you, you can go and accompany your daughter."

Si Qiong shuddered involuntarily as he internally cursed Si Xuan a thousand times over. If it weren't for her, he would not have to suffer such punishment!

"Young Master Qin Yuan, please lead the way and I will apologize to her right now. I can let her hit or scold me as long as she can be appeased."

Looking at Si Qiong who was acting like a dog, Qin Yuan's smile contained a trace of sarcasm as he turned and walked out from the study room. "Hurry up and follow me, if we are late, the Master will kill you without waiting for our Master's woman to forgive you."

Hearing this sentence, Si Qiong hastily rushed forth and followed behind Qin Yuan with large strides.


General Yun's Estate.

Within the back garden amid the sounds of spring water flowing, the young lady was seated beside a tree and playing chess alone. After a long time, she lightly sighed as her pitch-black eyes slightly revealed a faint moodiness.

Qingyan covered her lips and lightly smiled. Her large, bright eyes looked at Yun Luofeng without blinking as she asked, "Miss, are you thinking of Yun Xiao?"

The hand that was tightly holding onto the chess piece slightly trembled as Yun Luofeng unenthusiastically smiled. "I'm worried that perhaps Yun Xiao met with some problems. He only mentioned that he would be leaving for a day, but he hasn't returned yet. I can't help being worried about him."

Afterall, the method that Yun Xiao cultivated was comparatively unique. If by any chance he had a breakthrough, with his Heaven and Spirit Method he would enter a deranged state and it was extremely unfavorable for him.


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