Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 326

"My entire body belongs only to her. No one other than her is qualified to touch me!"

Even if they only touched his trousers...

Si Xuan's body stiffened as her heartache had already covered the pain of her arms, and she gazed at the unemotional man before her with a heartbroken look. Her heart was gradually being engulfed with jealousy! Yun Luofeng! Why was that woman's luck so great to obtain such a perfect unfeeling man's wholehearted love! While she couldn't even obtain a portion of him….

"Qin Yuan," Yun Xiao retracted his cold gaze and coldly called, "after dealing with her, bring Si Qiong along!" He had only left for a day. Who knew these people would be so discontented with their lot that they would actually take advantage of his absence to deal with her?! He absolutely wouldn't allow anyone to harm her!

"No!" Si Xuan screeched in dismay, "Father, save me, I don't want to die. I beg you to save me…"

Listening to the voice of his daughter's begging, Si Qiong's body trembled, but he eventually heartlessly turned his head, not sparing her another glance.

"Stop bawling, it's useless even if you bawl until your throat breaks," Qin Yuan snickered, "Si Xuan, I've really got to admire your courage. You actually dared to think of dealing with my Master's woman? Could it be that your father didn't teach you not to provoke my Master?"

As his words fell, Qin Yuan no longer looked at her. After all, Si Xuan was already a dead person in his eyes! Instead, it was an eye-opener for him to see that Si Qiong was so ruthless as to not even save his own daughter.

Qin Yuan fished out a black pill from his bosom and passed it to Si Qiong. "Eat this."

"What's this?" Si Qiong stared blankly as his gaze turned vigilant.

"Obviously, it's poison. Do you think I would give you a tonic to consume?" Qin Yuan rolled his eyes and smiled in ridicule, "Consume this pill without delay and we can be on our way."

The words 'on our way' easily caused one to think of something else! Si Qiong obviously was the type of person who would think of something else.

"The Ghost Emperor only asked you to take me away and did not ask you to kill me. Furthermore, I have already handed over Si Xuan, so why are you killing me?"

Qin Yuan coldly spoke, "Who said I'm going to kill you? It's only because a ruthless person like you is incapable of being trusted. As such, you must consume this poisonous pill so that we can control you easily, so as to avoid being stabbed in the back by you."

"However, the Ghost Emperor did not ask you to do this." Si Qiong retreated a few steps, clearly not wanting to consume this black pill.

Qin Yuan somewhat impatiently furrowed his eyebrows as his expression was cold, "If everything had to be said by our Master himself, why would there be a need for us, his subordinates?" Hurry up and consume this pill so you can follow us. Otherwise, you can follow and accompany your daughter down to Hell."

Si Qiong hesitated for a long time but ultimately decided to comply with Qin Yuan's order. He extended his trembling hands, took the black pill, and closed his eyes before consuming it.

Looking at Si Qiong consuming the poisonous pill, Qin Yuan sneered and spoke, "Are you staying to dig a hole to bury her or are you going to leave with us immediately?"

Si Qiong shook his head, "It's fine to throw her in a random burial pit. The mistakes she committed nearly implicated the Spirit Sect, so she has no right to enter the ancestral hall.

Si Xuan's body fiercely trembled and her deathly pale face was filled with fear. Apparently, she couldn't believe that her father who had previously loved her dearly would be ruthless to this extent.

Not only did he not save her, he didn't even intend to bury her corpse...


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