Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 325

Si Xuan's expression changed as she retreated two steps back in shock. Her complexion was pale and her delicate body quivered endlessly, with cold sweat dripping.

He knows!

Sure enough, this man knew!

After he had learned of this, he didn't even return to the Yun Family and had directly come to the Spirit Sect looking for her.

"Si Xuan." Si Qiong's heart gradually had a bad premonition, "What's happened exactly?"

He had told her before that she must not provoke the Ghost Emperor, but he didn't expect that she would have ultimately provoked him!

"I…" Si Xuan's lips slightly trembled, "I didn't do it on purpose, I only…"

I only wanted to obtain him too badly!

"You instigated Gao Shaochen, and those high-level high-ranked cultivators were also sent by you." Yun Xiao seemed to be talking to himself, but his ice-cold gaze was staring straight at Si Xuan. "You've committed such a huge crime, the Spirit Sect can no longer shelter you."

Si Xuan's footsteps retreated back as her body leaned against the wall. "I did not harm Yun Luofeng; I only wanted her to marry Gao Shaochen. Furthermore, isn't she alive and kicking?"


A palm strike fiercely slapped down and Si Qiong's complexion was ashen as he spoke angrily. "Shut up, who allowed you to speak to the Ghost Emperor in this manner?"

After lecturing Si Xuan, Si Qiong hurriedly turned towards Yun Xiao. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and spoke in the manner of a lackey, "Ghost Emperor, Si Xuan is already aware of her mistakes. Furthermore, she did not do any irreversible things, I beg of you to…"

The man's unsympathetic gaze gradually swept towards Si Qiong.

With just this glance, it caused Si Qiong's breathing to turn sluggish and the fear of death lingered in his heart. He could guarantee that if he spoke another word for Si Xuan, the person dying was not going to be her, but him instead!

Si Qiong steeled his heart and spoke. "Ghost Emperor, since Si Xuan this girl has offended you, then I shall hand her over to you to punish!"

Even though Si Xuan was his favorite daughter, but no matter how much he liked her, he was not willing to implicate the entire Spirit Sect for her. The Ghost Emperor's strength was too formidable, so strong to the extent that he was unable to resist him! Therefore, for the sake of the Spirit Sect, he could only abandon her.

"Father!" Si Xuan shouted in disbelief as her beautiful eyes revealed desperation, "You're abandoning me?"

Si Qiong coldly shot a glance at Si Xuan. "You should assume responsibility for the mistakes you made. I will not let you implicate the Spirit Sect."

His words implied that regardless of how Yun Xiao wanted to punish her, he would not pay attention to it.

Si Xuan's body collapsed on the floor and her beautiful appearance was deathly pale to the extent that there was no color. She did not expect that her own jealousy would cause her to lose her life here! However, the desire to survive managed to let Si Xuan get up and crawl toward Yun Xiao and fiercely kowtow with her head banging on the ground.

"I beg you to let me off. As long as you let me off, I guarantee I will not dare to have any ideas towards you! I am even willing to use my entire being to serve Miss Yun!"

Yun Xiao coldly shot her a glance. "Your strength is lacking."

The meaning of his words was very clear, your strength is lacking and you do not have the right to serve her.


Si Xuan felt the killing intent emitted from his body and she yelled while raising her hands, attempting to hold on to Yun Xiao's legs.

With a loud bang, the aura on Yun Xiao's body gushed forth and caused his trousers to be torn off. As his aura was too strong, countless gashes split open on Si Xuan's arms and fresh blood flowed out, dyeing her arms.


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