Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 324

Gao Ling thoroughly went mad, and his crazed yell could be heard throughout the entire Yun Family. After that, he pounced towards Jing Lin like a madman and opened his mouth to bite on his flesh. With a tearing sound, a large chunk of meat was bitten off. His mouth was filled with fresh blood and he looked malevolent.

Before Jing Lin even had the chance to shout for help, he had fainted due to the pain...


The Spirit Sect, at the top of a hill not far from the Longyuan Kingdom.

The terrain of this mountain was treacherous and filled with endless danger. Apart from the disciples of the Spirit Sect, no one could get through here and survive.

However, currently before the Spirit Sect's main gates, a man stopped in his tracks and his mask emitted an ice-cold radiance. His eyes were grim and unfeeling, while his red lips beneath his mask were pursed into a straight line.

Suddenly, a wave of hurried footsteps could be heard and one could see the Sect Master of the Spirit Sect, Si Qiong, leading a group of people to welcome him. Perhaps it was due to him running too fast, but his forehead was drenched with sweat.

He saw the unfeeling man standing outside in a glance, and he hastily rushed over. "Ghost Emperor, why have you come?"

The man's unfeeling gaze fell on Si Qiong's body. His voice was low and hoarse, but made one feel scared witless internally.

"Where is Si Xuan?"

Si Qiong stared blankly for a moment and his gaze was filled with astonishment. This man had never noticed anyone before. Previously when he came to the Spirit Sect, his daughter had intentionally walked two rounds before him, but he had turned a blind eye to that.

He didn't expect him to say his daughter's name from his own mouth today. Could it be that Si Qiong's luck had changed for the better to be able to curry favor with this man?

"Ghost Emperor, please follow me first. My daughter just returned to the Spirit Sect yesterday night. I will send someone to call for her immediately."

Si Qiong's heart was filled with joy. If he could marry Si Xuan to Ghost Emperor, from then onward, his position within the mainland would be even higher.

The man silently walked into the Spirit Sect donned in a black-robe that was gently flowing in the wind, carrying an unfeeling aura.

The atmosphere in the Spirit Sect's study was grave and solemn.

Si Qiong would shoot a glance at the unemotional man seated on the chair from time to time, and his forehead couldn't help but perspire. Ever since the Ghost Emperor had followed him into the Spirit Sect, he did not speak another word. No matter how he tried to boot-lick, the Ghost Emperor did not spare him another glance.

If the Ghost Emperor had truly taken a liking towards Si Xuan, shouldn't he have asked something about her instead of being uncommunicative like this? Just when he was hesitating, the study room's door was pushed opened and Si Xuan lightly pursed her thin lips while restlessly walking into the study room.

"Father." Si Xuan prudently shot a glance towards Yun Xiao as she became increasingly flustered internally.

She did not believe that Yun Xiao came here because he has taken a liking towards her! This man must have come to vent anger for Yun Luofeng. If she knew he was going to appear, she wouldn't have come back to the Spirit Sect so soon.

However, didn't the men she left in Longyuan Kingdom report that they did not spot Yun Xiao's return? He did not even return to the Yun's, so how would he know what she had done? Thinking of this, Si Xuan gradually recovered her endlessly frantic heart and summoned her courage to look at the unemotional man seated in front.

Suddenly, the man stood up from the chair and walked down unhurriedly while releasing a grim aura. His voice that had the power to lure others slowly sounded in Si Xuan's ears.

"I heardā€¦ You admire me?"

Si Xuan gazed at the unfeeling man before him and nibbled on her red lips nervously, "That's right, Yun Xiao. I indeed like you!"

Only God knew how much courage she took to say this sentence and after that, she felt her body weakening and nearly fell on the ground.

"Thereforeā€¦" Yun Xiao's voice paused for a moment, "the matters of the Yun Family were your doing?"


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