Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 323

"That's only natural. Our Miss is an earth-level cultivator, naturally, she's incomparably strong! I've decided that the Miss will be my goddess in the future, and if someone bad-mouths her, I will definitely fight against them as if my life depended on it."

Gao Ling did not hear other words. He had solely heard the few words of an earth-level cultivator.

Yun Luofeng was an earth-level cultivator?

Impossible, absolutely impossible. Her medical skill was already so formidable, it's impossible for her cultivation to also be so powerful! Furthermore, as everyone is aware, Yun Luofeng is a trash!

"You shut up, all of you shut up!" Gao Tu yelled furiously and rushed towards the yard.

Before he had even rushed out, he had been kicked flying by the guards guarding the door and fell to the ground in a sorry state.

"Yun Luofeng can't be an earth-level cultivator. She's a trash, a trash!" Gao Ling's expression gradually contained madness as he screamed mournfully, "Let Yun Luofeng come over here for me, she's a trash!"

When those two servant maids heard Gao Ling's words, their eyes were instantly filled with rage as they aggressively rushed into the courtyard.

"You actually dared to insult my Miss! My Miss is obviously a genius, and it's just that she had deeply concealed it. On what basis are you insulting her? Compared to her, you're the true trash!"

"That's right, My Miss's aptitude has always been powerful, and for her not to expose her strength for so long, it must be because she wanted to withdraw from her marriage with you! If you had known about my Miss's talents, wouldn't you relentlessly follow her every day? Luckily she had hidden herself, allowing such a selfish b*stard like you to be exposed."

Gao Ling's body gradually fell down, and his eyes revealed traces of despair. He knew that what these servant maids said wasn't wrong. If he had known that Yun Luofeng had such an aptitude earlier, he never would have broken off their marriage!

"Hmph." The servant maid ruthlessly kicked Gao Ling, "Do you still think you are the Crown Prince that is above others? Now, you're only a plaything for the hamster the Miss is raising! Your status is even lower than us!"

Seemingly hearing the word hamster, Gao Ling's body shuddered as the emotion in his eyes gradually changed from despair to fear. He had been tortured all these days! As long as that hamster was bored, it would come and tease him! However, its type of teasing was the type that could take someone's life! Gao Tu had been teased by it until he was a state of being half-alive and there was only him left right now. So how long could he continue being teased by that hamster?

If… Yun Luofeng had not concealed her ability, perhaps he would have long been married to her. Perhaps he could also borrow her ability to thwart the Spirit Sect...

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regrets in this world! He could only live his life in regret!

Just when Gao Ling was in despair, the petite Qingyan picked up Jing Lin and walked into the courtyard. She then threw the man on her shoulders to the ground.

"Your performance earlier on was great." Qingyan clapped her palms and turned to look at the two servant maids beside her, "I heard those words earlier on, and I will mention both of you to the Miss in a moment. Even if you are unable to join the Steel and Raging Flame Corps, you will still be promoted to become the Yun Family's head servant maids."

The two servant maids felt delighted deep down. "Thank you Miss Qingyan."

Qingyan smiled and took a last glance at Jing Lin who she had thrown on the ground and turned to walk out of the courtyard.

"Jing Lin," Gao Ling glanced at the old man that was thrown on the ground by Qingyan and his facial expression suddenly changed, "You damned old b*stard, you actually abandoned us and escaped that day! So what if you managed to run? Ultimately you're here to accompany us, Hahaha!"


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