Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 320

"Xiao Feng'er, how are you feeling?"

Yun Qingya hurriedly lent an arm to support Yun Luofeng up, as his cold gaze swept toward the old expert.

"The one you want to kill is me, the one you want to deal with is also me! If you dare to harm my niece, I, Yun Qingya, will never let you off even if I become a ghost!"

His entire outfit of black clothing was lightly rippling in the wind. He stood erect in this wind and his expression contained the resolution of not being afraid to die.

The old expert stood in the air for a long time as a slight smile tugged at his lips. "Becoming a ghost? I'm afraid you won't even have the opportunity to be one!" Everyone of the Yun Family must die, especially Yun Luofeng this little girl with a shocking aptitude.

Suddenly, along with a gentle cool breeze, an aged voice that was indifferent and cold could be heard from the door of the Yun Family, "The people of Medical City are sure imposing."

The old expert in the air knitted his brows as he turned towards the two who appeared at the door.

It was an old man and a young lady!

The old man was in a crescent moon long robe and a slight smile appeared on his aged face. His gaze was indifferent and cold while deeply staring at the old expert. Beside the old man was a beautiful young lady supporting him, who was seventeen to eighteen years of age.

This young lady was extremely graceful and her facial features were very good-looking. Her bright eyes surveyed all around the area and all along a dignified smile was on her face. With a quick look, one could see that this young lady was wealthy and respectable, and absolutely not an ordinary person.

"Elder Ning, Ning Xin?" Yun Luo spotted their appearance and his heart suddenly felt happiness. Although up until now, he was unclear of Elder Ning's identity, but since he had appeared here, it proved that he could settle this matter.

Elder Ning did not reply as his tranquil and calm eyes gazed at the elderly expert in the air and questioned in an uncaring tone, "Lu Yin, not only are you over a hundred years of age, but you are also a sky-level cultivator. Aren't you afraid of your reputation hitting rock-bottom by bullying a younger generation?"

Lu Yin's eyes turned slightly serious. "Elder Ning, the matters of the Medical City are not related to your Ning family! Even if the power of Ning family is formidable, it can't be compared to the Association of Physicians. If you assist the Yun Family, you are setting yourself against the Medical City. Being enemies with our Medical City is akin to opposing the Association of Physicians."

Facing Lu Yin's threat, Elder Ning faintly smiled, "The Association of Physicians will not care about other people's business. Whereas I happen to owe the girl of the Yun Family a favor! If you want to touch the Yun Family, I will not allow it."

Lu Yin's expression turned solemn. If Elder Ning was here, he truly would be unable to harm the Yun Family today.

Just when the two old men were locked in a confrontation, Elder Rong who had received the news rushed over. He wiped the sweat from his face and walked towards both of them with quick steps.

"Lu Yin, the girl of the Yun Family is not only a person Elder Ning wants to protect, the Medical Pavilion is also indebted to her. Therefore, I do not agree with you harming them either!"

Lu Yin coldly glanced at Elder Rong who was perspiring freely and a trace of a cold glimmer flashed through his old eyes. "Your Medical Pavilion is also meddling in others affairs?"

"Keke." Elder Rong gave a hollow laugh. "Both the Medical Pavilion and your Medical City are members of the Association of Physicians. All influences of the affiliated Medical Associations have signed a contract that we cannot kill each other! Thus, if the Medical City were to harm me, you would be driven out of the Association of Physicians."

Lu Yin's heart gradually sank. He didn't expect that the small Yun Family would have attracted both Elder Ning and the Medical Pavilion. Apparently, he had still underestimated Yun Luofeng...


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