Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 318

If he had known earlier, he would have decisively left the Longyuan Kingdom. Escaping to a faraway place would be much better than being caught by this woman. Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regrets and regardless of how remorseful Jing Lin was, it was useless.

Yun Luofeng no longer spared him another glance as her eyes turned towards the elder from the Medical City. Her devilish black eyes were full of smiling intent.

"How did the Medical City injure my Second Uncle back then? I will let you pay the price a thousand times over one day!"

The elderly man laughed in ridicule as he climbed up from the ground while his taunting gaze landed on Yun Luofeng's body. "Yun Luofeng, did you think it was only me who came from the Medical City? Keke, I can't help but say that your luck is pretty good. If the Spirit Sect's Miss had reported your matters directly to the Medical City, perhaps they would only dispatch earth-level cultivators. However, who knew that your luck was so great, as the Medical City just happened to have come to the Longyuan Kingdom to handle other matters, therefore…"

He did not finish speaking and an even more aged voice gradually sounded from the skies.

"Yun Family's girl, your aptitude is indeed pretty good and is even better compared to your Second Uncle. If it was you who our Medical City was dealing with and not your Second Uncle, perhaps only I could capture you."

Traveling by treading on air?

Sky-level cultivator?

Yun Luofeng gazed at the old expert who appeared in the air, as her eyes gradually turned serious She didn't expect that a sky-level cultivator would come to the Yun Family! She was indeed too careless this time!

The reason she did not reveal her strength before others from the start was that she had considered the existence of the Medical City! For a force like the Medical City, the strong are always busy! They would not dispatch overly strong people to the Yun Family, so they would only send people who were a level above the Yun Family!

This was also why her Second Uncle could go all out at the risk of his life and escape before!

It was completely not necessary to send out a sky-level expert just because of a small Yun Family! However, if these people were to know of Yun Luofeng's strength, it would be a different matter! Thus, Yun Luofeng had concealed her strength during this half-year's time.

Yet, what she absolutely did not expect, was that a sky-level expert of the Medical City was attending to matters near the Longyuan Kingdom. Her luck was indeed bad.

"Xiao Feng'er," Yun Qingya unhurriedly walked up and lightly gripped on Yun Luofeng's hand. A trace of a smile was contained on his handsome face. "You are the hope of the Yun Family. No matter what, you cannot be harmed."

The man's tone carried determination and an imposing manner of not being afraid of dying.

"Second Uncle," Yun Luofeng furrowed her brows tightly, "we are a family, and I will not let you face these enemies alone!"

So what if he's a sky-level cultivator?

She would never let these people touch her Second Uncle even if she died!

Yun Qingya smiled and turned towards the old expert in the air. "If I were to commit suicide, would you let them off?"

A smile blossomed on the old expert's wrinkled face, and a mouthful of black teeth was exposed. His eyes were covered up by his wrinkles, forming a line with a small crack.

"Previously I would have been willing. However, this girl of the Yun Family is too dangerous. If I do not kill her, I'm afraid that my Medical City would be destroyed because of her."

Yun Qingya's heart suddenly sunk. "It was me who defeated the young city lord that year, and it has nothing to do with them."

"Keke," The old expert chucked twice. His aged laughter was similar to a dried up tree bark, parched and extremely unpleasant. "If you want to blame someone, you can only blame her for having the surname Yun! Who asked her to be your niece?"


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