Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 316

Frowning slightly, the old man turned to the girl who was stepping in from outside, his face darkening, "Are you Yun Luofeng? Yun Luo's granddaughter?"

Yun Luofeng blinked, "It seems that I'm the only one named Yun Luofeng here."

"Hum!" The old man flicked his sleeves, "What a nasty girl! How dare you accuse an elder? When did I cause Yun Luo a heart attack?"

Yun Luofeng smiled, "My grandfather's heart is not good, and he can't stand shocks. Why are you being so fierce to him? If something bad happened to him because of you, I don't think the Medical City could make up for it."

Yun Luo rolled his eyes. When did his heart become so fragile? However, to cooperate with his granddaughter, Yun Luo supported his forehead with his hand, pretending to be feeble. "Alas, I simply can't stand shocks. You scared me just now and now I'm sick. I'm dizzy and my heart is twitching. Tell me, how are you going to compensate me?"

"You..." The old man's face suddenly changed, "Yun Luo, you are shameless!"

The old man had just been running, jumping, and yelling at him, and the next moment he turned feeble and began to totter? Who would believe it?

"Shameless? No one is more shameless than you." Yun Luo curled his lips, "After all, I didn't say something like one should stand still in the ring and let his rival beat him."

Forcing himself to calm down, the old man said expressionlessly, "Yun Luo, no matter what you say, nobody of the Yun Family can escape today!"


Milk Tea crept out of Yun Luofeng's sleeve, its round eyes looking at the old man with a disdainful look as if it was taunting him. The old man flew into a rage. The Yun Family was so audacious that even a Gold-seeking Hamster of theirs dared to taunt him! In that case, he would crush this damned Gold-seeking Hamster first!

"Go to hell!" The old man shouted out loud, and grasped at the little hamster in the palm of Yun Luofeng, his eyes full of violence.

Swoosh! Milk Tea quickly hid in Yun Luofeng's sleeve, only leaving its small head outside and squeaking at him sarcastically.

"Little Feng 'er, watch out!" Turning pale with fright, Yun Qingya jumped and swooped at the old man who was going to attack Yun Luofeng, his handsome and elegant face filled with anxiety.


At the very moment that the old man's hand was going to touch Yun Luofeng, the figure of Yun Luofeng suddenly disappeared. When the old man realized what had happened, he felt a cool breeze coming from behind and he froze.


The girl trod on the old man's back, kicking his body a few meters away. His body flew into the crowd in the street, and even the walls were smashed by his flying body. The whole Yun Family quieted down because of the girl's movements and even the middle-aged men following the old man were stunned.

Their master was an earth-level low-rank spirit cultivator! But the girl kicked him out with just one foot. Even if their master underestimated his enemy, anyone who could kick him out had to be at least an earth-level spirit cultivator!

A teenager earth-level spirit cultivator! No one would believe it! But now they were witnessing the scene...

Yun Luo looked at Yun Luofeng in astonishment, "Girl, what realm have you reached?"

Yun Luofeng looked at the old man lying in the crowd, "The same as him."


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