Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 315

"Exactly," the old man sneered, with eyes as cold and sharp as blades and a domineering aura, "who allowed him to beat our young master? If he had admitted defeat, those things would not have happened. Maybe we would have made friends with you if you were sensible enough, which would have benefited you a lot. However, Yun Qingya was so stupid that he even dared to beat our young master. He just suffered from his own actions!"


The old man punched his fist on the wall, and the solid wall immediately collapsed.

Yun Luo's face darkened, "It was your young master who challenged my son first. Fair play counts in the ring. He was weaker and so he was defeated by my son. It was fair! Should my son just stand still and let your young master beat him?"

"Hum!" The old man snorted, "Yun Qingya really shouldn't have fought back! He should have stood still and let our young master give him a beating, which would have saved him from suffering for ten years, but he was monstrously audacious and looked for trouble!"

Yun Luo was almost driven mad by his words. He thought he himself was shameless enough, but the old man was even worse than him!

How could he have said such a thing? Fair play should be the rule for a competition. Since the heir of the Medical City launched a challenge, why should his son just stand still and let the man beat him? Was that a competition?

"So what do you want?" Yun Luo gnashed her teeth, his old face blue with anger.

"Have Yun Qingya killed, or we will wipe out the Yun Family!"


Pounding the table and jumping to his feet, Yun Luo shouted angrily, "I suggest you not go too far! Ten years ago, I failed to protect Qingya and let him suffer ten years of grievance, now I will not allow anyone to touch my son!"

The old man sneered, disdaining Yun Luo's words. "Yun Luo, the strongest one of your Yun Family is only a high-level high-rank spirit cultivator, but I am already an earth-level spirit cultivator. What makes you believe you can stop me?" His eyes were filled with comtempt for the Yun Family.

Indeed, the Yun Family was powerful in the Longyuan Kingdom, but in the eyes of those really powerful forces, the little Yun Family was simply nothing.

"In those days, I had intended to wipe out the whole Yun Family, but the Association of Physicians stopped us. That was why the Yun Family could survive ten more years. But don't forget, we agreed to let you go just because Yun Qingya had died. We had also reached an agreement with the Association of Physicians! If Yun Qingya was still alive, the Association of Physicians would not intervene if we retaliated against the Yun Family!"

Yun Luo's heart gradually sank. A decade ago, if it were not for the Association of Physicians, the Yun Family would have been destroyed.

"Yun Qingya," once again, the old man sneered, "since you were still alive, you should have found a place to hide for the rest of your life. How dare you show up in the daylight? You are simply courting death! I will not leave the Longyuan Kingdom until I wipe out the Yun Family!" Without any reserve, the old man released all his power. Overwhelmingly surging out, his power transformed into an invisible storm to beat on Yun Luo and Yun Qingya.


Just as the power was going to reach the two, a strong breath came from outside the door and crushed the pressing power. Then a lazy voice rang and resounded across the silent hall.

"I leave for just a moment, and you've come to bully my grandfather and Second Uncle? What if you caused my grandfather to have a heart attack? Then you would not be able to make up for it even if you died a hundred times!"


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