Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 312

She said it with a plaintive voice, wishing that Gao Shaochen would pity her for a little bit.
However, this man's heart was even harder than stone, his icy eyes brimming with killing intent.
"I swore last night that I would never touch any other woman again, but you showed up in the imperial study without my permission and seduced me pretending to be Little Feng'er."

"Your Majesty!" The woman raised her eyes and looked at Gao Shaochen with disbelief. It was Gao Shaochen who mistook her for someone else. How could he say she pretended to be Yun Luofeng and seduced him? So there wasn't any place for her in his heart after she had accompanied him for so many years? At the thought of this, the woman felt utterly sad, a wry smile on her face, "Your Majesty, have you ever loved me all these years?"

"You are not Yun Luofeng. I only love Yun Luofeng!" Gao Shaochen's face was cold and solemn, without any trace of the tenderness he showed last night. "Since you dared to pretend to be her, you have to be punished."

"Your Majesty, wake up. Yun Luofeng will never love you! Now that the Yun Family is so powerful, no one can coerce her into doing anything!" The woman struggled to her feet, her beautiful face ghastly white, her eyes tearful, and she looked so miserable.

"Shut up!" Gao Shaochen was enraged and put his hands on the woman's neck again. This time, he used all his strength. His strength was so great that the woman, who had been struggling in his hands, was no longer moving and her body turned cold bit by bit.

"B*tch, how dare you climb into my bed! Go to hell!" Gao Shaochen threw the woman's body to the floor, picked up the robe hanging on the bed and casually put it on his body. Just as he was putting on his robe, a familiar voice came from outside the room, making his body suddenly stiffen.

"I wanted to come and settle with you today, but I didn't expect to see such a show."

Under the morning light, a girl lightly strode over the high threshold and slowly walked in.

Her smile was as charming as ever, her dark eyes were shining with a smile and her snow-white robe was fluttering gently in the wind. She was so mesmerizingly beautiful that no man could move his eyes away from her.

Gao Shaochen had seen Yun Luofeng before! But back then, he had no interest in the cowardly Yun Luofeng, and he never even looked at her. When did he start paying attention to her? Maybe it was because of the meeting in the Medical Pavilion or the good show in the ship on the Qin River…

But whenever he began to notice her, he was doomed to a tragic end.

"Feng'er," Looking at the girl who stood at the door, Gao Shaochen cracked a tender smile, "If I hadn't had any women before, would you be my woman?"

"There is no 'if' in this world," Yun Luofeng slightly raised her eyebrows, "so I won't choose you."

Gao Shaochen's heart trembled. Yes, there was no 'if' in the world, but if God gave him a chance to start over, he would have been living a celibate life, waiting for her to appear.

"And..." Yun Luofeng paused and then continued, "even if there were an 'if', I wouldn't choose you."


Gao Shaochen was puzzled. She once said that to be her man, the man must have her as his only woman, and since he was willing to do what she required, why would she still not choose him?

A cold and handsome face popped up in Yun Luofeng's mind, and she couldn't help but smile sweetly.


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