Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 308

Yun Luofeng! If you tamely became Gao Shaochen's Empress, maybe you would not face so many hardships, but you simply dreamed of getting a man who would never belong to you! So don't blame me for being cruel!

"Go to the Medical City and tell the people of the City Master's Estate that Yun Qingya is still alive! After hearing this news, the people of the Medical City will definitely not let go of the Yun Family!"

Si Xuan smiled coldly. As long as she told this news to the Medical City, the Yun Family would be wiped out soon! At that time, without Yun Luofeng, she could enter the world of Yun Xiao and give the cold man the best care! She believed that she would make a better wife than Yun Luofeng!

At least, unlike Yun Luofeng, she wouldn't make the man serve as her guard. How dare she treat the man as her subordinate! She really needed to look at her lowly status. What made her believe she could treat him as her subordinate?!

"Yes, Miss." The protector of the Spirit Sect made an obeisance and silently left the room...

After that, only Si Xuan was left in the room.

In a delirious whisper she said, "Yun Xiao, you're mine. I won't let any woman stain you!"

How could a cold but paper-white pure man like Yun Xiao be stained even a little bit? Yun Luofeng was like dirt. Allowing her to get close to Yun Xiao would only contaminate him! So she would never allow this to happen!

Certainly, Yun Luofeng had no idea of Si Xuan's thoughts. At this moment, she was standing in the study and accepting her grandfather's interrogation.

"Tell me, why didn't you inform me about your Second Uncle's recovery?" The old man was a little annoyed that the girl had kept this secret for so long, and didn't tell him that to make him happy.

Yun Luofeng shrugged, "Because the treating process was too harsh. I was afraid he would not be able to make it, so I didn't tell you."

Her grandfather glared at her, "Alright, then what good stuff did you give your Second Uncle to take? Why did he manage to make a breakthrough and become a high-level high-rank spirit cultivator? Why not offer it to me since you have such a good thing?"

Facing the enraged old man, Yun Luofeng said seriously, "I did give Second Uncle some excellent medicine to take. If you want it, I can also give it to you. But first you need to nullify your own strength, and then after ten years of accumulation, I can give you the medicine that Second Uncle enjoyed! In this way, when you restore your strength it will be greatly improved!"

At first, hearing Yun Luofeng's words, Yun Luo was quite delighted, wondering how to take that good stuff from the girl. Yet in the next breath, she began to talk about "nullify your own strength", and the old man couldn't help but roll his eyes in disappointment.

"I can't afford that kind of good stuff."

Are you kidding? What kind of "good stuff" could only be enjoyed after a ten-year waiting period? Was he crazy enough to make himself a trash for ten years just for a breakthrough?

"Well, it's that you don't want it, not that I refuse to give it to you." Yun Luofeng cracked a wicked smile and turned her dark eyes to Yun Qingya who kept silent off to one side, " Second Uncle, now that the Yun Family's power has been gradually growing, you can tell me who your enemies are."

Yun Qingya sighed and said with a wry smile, "I fought against the heir of the Medical City and defeated him. He took it as a big disgrace. That was what caused the mad retaliation of the Medical City! The people of the Medical City intended to wipe out the whole Yun Family, but the Association of Physicians stood out to stop them."


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