Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 306

The killing intent in his eyes grew thick.

After quite a while, Zhao Lin slowly opened his mouth, "You hold off Yun Qingya and I will kill Yun Luofeng." He stood up straight and expressionlessly said, "Compared with Yun Qingya, she is more dangerous!"

As a physician who could even cure Yun Qingya, how strong was her medical skill?


Compared with spirit cultivator, a physician was more dangerous. At least, a spirit cultivator needed time to grow and improve. During that process, they would have a lot of opportunities to kill them.

But physicians were different!

If she was lucky enough to meet a strong person who was badly ill and treated him, then the strong person would owe her a favor! This favor would be able to subvert the whole Spirit Sect! So Yun Luofeng must die!

"Good," the fake eunuch responded with a deep voice. No longer looking down on Yun Qingya, he suddenly took out a chain from his space ring. "WHOOSH!" He waved the chain at Yun Qingya.
"Anybody in the way of the Spirit Sect shall die!

"WHOOSH!" The chain made a dull sound and quickly caught Yun Qingya's wrist, and then he called out to Zhao Lin.

"Come on, go kill Yun Luofeng!"

Zhao Lin's eyes darkened, and he quickly rushed at Yun Luofeng. He waved the long sword in his hand, casting a cold light. With a murderous aura, he swooped toward the girl standing in the breeze.

The girl was lazily leaning against a tree, a wicked smile hovering on her lips. She didn't even look up, as if she didn't feel the existence of the sword.

Standing off to the side, Qingyan observed the scene, her eyes revealing a thick sarcasm. These people want to hurt Miss? Even a hundred high-level spirit cultivators added together wouldn't be able to resist Miss. Miss didn't take any action right now just to help Second Master regain his confidence. After all, for all these years, Second Master was hiding in the darkness and didn't step out to protect Miss, so the Second Master always felt guilty and inferior! That is why Miss hasn't done anything to these people.

"PAH!" A clear cracking sound resounded in the silent front yard.

The fake eunuch came back to his senses only to see that Yun Qingya had broken the chain that had locked on to him. His blue gown quickly fluttering, he shielded Yun Luofeng with his own body.

"You are courting death!

This man, who had always been mild and indifferent, finally burst into a cry of rage. Suddenly he had a bronze sword in his hand and stabbed it into the chest of Zhao Lin. Blood splattered and dyed the man's blue gown red. He looked up with a cold stare and watched the old man slowly falling down in front of him.

"With me here, who dares to hurt Little Feng'er!"

Once he had no power to protect her, but now he would never allow anyone to bully her! Looking at the scene in front of him, the fake eunuch was stunned, and his old face showed a look of fear. Zhao Lin was dead! Zhao Lin, whose strength was very nearly the same with his, died at the hands of Yun Qingya so easily!

If he forced his way forward, he would probably have the same end with Zhao Lin. At the thought of this, the fake eunuch's heart trembled, and a word came to his mind: Escape!

When the word popped up in his mind, he no longer had any hesitation but turned around and tried to run away from the courtyard. However, before he could get out of the door, he paused.

The girl leaned lazily against the door, her dark eyes glittering with a wicked light, and she was watching him with a smile.


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