Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 305

"Father, I'll deal with the two high-level high-rank spirit cultivators, and the others will be left to you and the soldiers of the two corps." The man's voice was rhythmic and crystal-clear, like a gurgling stream of water flowing through one's heart, so pleasing to the ear.


Soon arriving in front of Yun Qingya, the fake eunuch kicked to the man's indifferent face, his eyes shining with a fierce beast-like light.


Then, in the instant that his foot was kicking at Yun Qingya, Yun Qingya held up his hand and stopped it in front of his chest. "Ten years ago, as a middle-level high-rank spirit cultivator, I could defeat the heir of the Medical City who was a high-level high-rank spirit cultivator. Ten years later, I can also beat two men of the same realm with me, with the strength of a high-level high-rank spirit cultivator!"

Ten years ago, in the fight that shocked the whole continent, the young man from the Yun Family defeated a high-level spirit cultivator merely with the strength of a middle-level high-rank spirit cultivator. Although he fought very hard in that fight, he won the fight in the end!

However, unexpectedly, the well-known dandy heir of the Medical City bore a grudge against him for it and sent all the masters of the Medical City to chase and kill him. He managed to escape from the assassins by a fluke with his seriously injured body.

It was also because of these two events that the name of the young man from the Yun Family resounded throughout the continent and was known by everybody. Maybe you didn't know who the emperor of the Longyuan Kingdom was, or you may not know the name of General Yun, but you would definitely know the name of Yun Qingya! Even now, the people of the continent still relished talking about the fight between Yun Qingya and the heir of the Medical City and couldn't forget it…

The fake eunuch's face turned more serious. He took back his hand and exchanged looks with the other high-level high-rank spirit cultivator, and then they began to attack Yun Qingya at the same time.

His gown fluttering in the breeze, Yun Qingya took a horse stance, reached out his hand and held the opposite party's fist with his palm. At the same time...

He moved his body aside, dodging the sharp sword stabbing at him from behind, and before the old man had time to react, he kicked backward with his right foot. Kicked by him, the old man couldn't help but back up a few steps. He tried to stabilize himself, leaving a deep furrow in the ground with his feet. Looking so nervous, he could not help but burst into a sweat.

"It seems that my fighting strength has been reduced a lot after these ten years." Yun Qingya shook his head, "If I still had my former fighting strength, I could have kicked you ten meters away."

Ten years ago, nobody could resist him if he fought with a person of the same realm with him. Thus, no one of the same realm with him dared to fight with him, because they couldn't resist a single attack of his. Back then, the heir of the Medical City heard of him when he was traveling outside! So he went to challenge him, intending to teach him a lesson. Yun Qingya never refused any challenge, which led to that final result!

"Zhao Lin," said the fake eunuch with a serious look, "we must kill Yun Luofeng today, even at the expense of our own lives!"

The old man called Zhao Lin did not say anything, his old eyes coldly staring at Yun Luofeng who was being protected by Yun Qingya.


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