Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 304

Yun Luo became a little anxious and wanted to step out, but the next moment, Yun Qingya released a power no weaker than his. What's more, he vaguely felt that the power Yun Qingya had just released was even greater than his.

He had reached the level of a high-level high-rank spirit cultivator!

Yun Luo was startled and was frozen, staring dumbfounded at the man standing in the breeze.

Before the old man came to his senses, a cry came out from the fake eunuch's mouth, "That's impossible!"

At that moment, the fake eunuch's face looked rather grim, his eyes wide open, "The people of the Medical City are proficient in medical skills. Since they disabled you, you should not be able to recover for the rest of your life! How did you not only regain your former strength but also make a breakthrough to become a high-level high-rank spirit cultivator?"

It was simply unimaginable! Even Yun Luo was startled at the fact, let alone the men of the Spirit Sect. Greatly shocked, Yun Luo suddenly turned to Yun Luofeng and began to scold her, regardless the people present, "You darn girl, didn't you say you could help your Second Uncle restore his strength? How come his strength is not only recovered, but also even greater than mine? Come on, did you give your Second Uncle something good to eat but not give it to me?"

That darn girl, she was literally inviting him to scold her every single day! Besides, she didn't tell him about the situation of his son in advance! His reaction was really an embarrassment on such an occasion! Wasn't it a shame that he didn't even know his own son's real strength?

To his surprise, after hearing his words, all the people of the Spirit Sect were frightened and stared at Yun Luofeng in astonishment.

"You cured Yun Qingya?" The fake eunuch slightly narrowed his eyes, a malicious light flickering across his eyes.

Yun Luofeng smiled: "It's none of your business!"

Her answer thoroughly enraged the fake eunuch. His face suddenly darkened and he sneered, "Even if Yun Qingya made a breakthrough to become a high-level high-rank spirit cultivator, so what? You must die today!"

Though he originally wanted to help Gao Shaochen to get Yun Luofeng, now he had only one idea in his mind: This girl was too dangerous to be controlled by a person like Gao Shaochen! If they didn't kill her, they would have a lot of troubles afterward!

"Little Feng'er."

Feeling the killing intent of the fake eunuch, Yun Qingya silently shielded Yun Luofeng with his own body, a faint but confident light shining through his elegant and handsome face.

"You endured so much all these years, but I couldn't protect you as your uncle. Now I finally have my strength restored, and I can protect you. Leave these people to me."

Yun Luofeng slightly nodded and slowly drew back two steps. She also wanted to know the real strength of Second Uncle after he had become a high-level high-rank spirit cultivator.

Realizing the fact that the heiress underestimated her enemy this time, the fake eunuch's face changed. They only knew that the Yun Family had eleven high-level spirit cultivators! Among the eleven ones, only Yun Luo was a high-level intermediate rank spirit cultivator. For insurance, she had specially sent two high-level high-rank spirit cultivators to the Yun Family.

However, they didn't expect that Yun Qingya was still alive. Not only was he alive, but he had also broken through to become a high-level high-rank spirit cultivator! Unfortunately, there was no turning back now. He had to win this fight, for the sake of the Spirit Sect.

"Let's destroy them!" The fake eunuch waved his hand and suddenly rushed towards Yun Qingya, his whole body dashing like a gust of strong wind. With his blue gown fluttering in the strong wind, Yun Qingya smiled mildly, his clear and cold eyes staring at the old man coming into his sight, his elegant and handsome face having no expression but indifference.


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