Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 302

At the very moment that the girl stepped out, the fake eunuch was stunned, his eyes shining with appreciation. Though he had lived a long time, he had never seen such a breathtakingly beautiful woman before. She literally deserved the title of the first beauty in the world! It was no wonder that so many men were crazy for her. Be it Gao Shaochen or the man called Yun Xiao who Si Xuan had taken a fancy to... they both had a crush on her.

"Yun Luofeng, do you choose to go with me willingly or be bound and taken away by force?" The fake eunuch came back from his thoughts and coldly stared at Yun Luofeng, a malicious light flashing through his eyes.

Yun Luofeng slightly raised her eyes and squinted at the fake eunuch, "Just you? I don't think you can take me away by force."

"Hum!" The fake eunuch snorted, "Girl, don't be too arrogant. Since you said we can't take you away by force, I'll show you my real strength!" Saying this, he raised his hand, and in a flash, several figures rushed towards Yun Luofeng. Only he and the other high-level high-rank spirit cultivator did not move but coldly looked on the fight.

"I'll see who dare to touch my granddaughter!"

Yun Luo got furious, and a powerful force broke out on his old body. He strode forward and stopped in front of Yun Luofeng, his sharp eyes glaring at the crowd of people who were approaching quickly.


His body issued a gust of wind that was blowing at the crowd of strong men who had rushed towards Yun Luofeng. The palm wind with all his strength successfully held these people a few meters away.

Yun Luo wiped the sweat away from his forehead, his old face showing a sneer, "What made you b*stards believe you can challenge the Yun Family? As long as I'm standing here, you will not be able to take away my granddaughter! And go back to tell Gao Shaochen that my granddaughter will never marry him!"

The fake eunuch slightly narrowed his eyes, a dangerous look flickering across his eyes: "I didn't want to do it, but now it seems that I have to finish you myself."

The old man was able to beat Lin Feng because the little hamster helped him, but today, it wouldn't work even if the Yun Family used the same trick again. After all, this time there were two high-level high-rank spirit cultivators here. Yun Luo knew it quite well, but he didn't want to show any weakness to them. So he sneered out loud, "Even the first martial arts master of the Imperial Family, Lin Tian, was beaten by me. You are also just a high-level high-rank spirit cultivator. Do you think I am afraid of you?"

"Haha," Not interested in arguing with him, the fake eunuch smiled sarcastically and said, "Nobody knows better than you why Lin Tian was defeated. Even though he was really defeated by you, today there are two high-level high-rank spirit cultivators here. How can you resist us all by yourself?" The fake eunuch looked at Yun Luo with a sarcastic look, as if he didn't consider him to be of any concern.

However, hardly had his voice faded away when a clear and cold voice came out of the Yun Family's backyard. The voice was quite graceful, but Yun Luo was frozen by that voice.

"I'm sorry, but he's not the only high-level high-rank spirit cultivator in the Yun Family."

In the courtyard, a man in a blue gown was standing there. The man walked as if he was stepping on a cloud, and when he walked, it looked as if he was surrounded by white lotus flowers. It was simply a delight to watch him walk.


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