Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 301

"What happened?"

Yun Luo came out in a hurry. Seeing the Imperial Guards surrounding his estate, his old face darkened: "I don't know what His Majesty is trying to do. Or is he going to be the enemy of the Yun Family?"

Yun Luo, no longer calling his house the General's Estate, just called it the "Yun Family". This showed that he now felt no attachment to the Imperial Family.

"Your Excellency," a eunuch holding a horsetail whisk in his hand said with a smile, "Congratulations, Your Excellency has been reinstated, and now the Yun Family will have an empress. Isn't it worthy of celebration?"

Several days ago, after the great purge in the Imperial Palace, all the old eunuchs had been replaced, so Yun Luo hadn't seen this eunuch before, whose smiling face looked so disgusting that Yun Luo wanted to punch it.

"Empress?" The old man snorted, "Our family doesn't need any empress. Please go back."

The eunuch answered mildly, "Your Excellency, His Majesty likes your granddaughter, so he asked me to take her to the Imperial Palace. From now on, Your Excellency will become a member of the Imperial Family."


Yun Luo laughed with contempt, "Did you guys forget how we beat the first martial arts master of the Imperial Family that day? How dare you come to provoke us like this? I thought Gao Shaochen was different from his father and brother, but I was wrong. The members of the Imperial Family are all the same, and none of them are good! Now get out of here! My granddaughter will never ever marry a member of the Imperial Family!"

What's more, Gao Shaochen already had many concubines in his harem. Such a dirty man didn't deserve his baby granddaughter!

The eunuch's face turned black, and he said sarcastically, "Yun Luo, it's His Majesty's graciousness! It's a blessing for your granddaughter that His Majesty wants to marry her! Do you think the Kingdom is still the same as when it was controlled by Gao Tu? Now, this eunuch will teach you a lesson - the Yun Family today is nothing!"

As soon as he spoke this, several men rushed from behind and quickly stood in front of him. At the same time, the eunuch threw the horsetail whisk down, releasing an overwhelming aura.

"You are not from the Imperial Palace!"

Yun Luo was so startled that he backed up a few steps. Except for those dressed like Imperial Guards, the others were all high-level spirit cultivators! In particular, the eunuch and an old man in a gray gown were both high-level high-rank spirit cultivators.

There wouldn't normally be so many strong men in the Longyuan Kingdom!

"Hum!" The "eunuch" no longer spoke in that squeaky voice and restored his original voice, his face brimming with a satiric smile, "Yes, I am not a eunuch. Someone paid me to do this. Yun Luo, I suggest you just give us your granddaughter. Do you want to continue as a general, or let me behead you right here?"

In order not to let the Yun Family know that it was the Spirit Sect that was manipulating behind the scenes, he especially emphasized that he was paid to do this.

Hardly had the fake eunuch's voice faded away before a wicked and domineering voice came out of the Yun Family's courtyard, "Are you sure you can behead my grandfather?"

The girl's voice came through the courtyard and caught the ears of these people. The fake eunuch frowned slightly, and like a sharp sword, his eyesight shot over to the gorgeous girl who stepped out.


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